Wednesday, 23 November 2011

What They Needed

The past couple of weeks had been absolutely manic , she hated work when it was like this and she'd also been unwell taking a couple of days off work which had put her further behind and Daddy had also been very busy at work and so they had been a bit like ships passing in the night snatching an hour here or there and sleeping but not much else and she felt like he was slipping from her , she just had this horrible feeling and she hated it.

It was friday and she came back early and tidied up the house starting in the kitchen and then the bathroom and bedroom and when she had finished she had a shower and wrapped herself in a dressing gown and slipped into a pair of full ruffle deep red panties , she loved the way she looked in them and she knew Daddy adored them.

Daddy mean while was on the long drive back from his last appointment he stopped for coffee and called baby girl and said he would be home around 11:00 pm she said ok and he listened to her as he sipped his coffee and  not once did she say "Yes Daddy " or "Daddy ?" at all and when she finished he simply said ok.

For the rest of the drive back he thought about this conversation and what was wrong with it and decided that it was him not her , he had allowed work and all the other problems to affect their relationship and to come between them. When he walked in through the front door he noticed how clean and tidy everywhere was , kitchen hall , living room and the office and then the bedroom and bathroom, he found her in the bed room reading a book sitting in a chair and when she saw him she jumped up and came ot him and hugged him and he squeezed her in his arms as they kissed his hand resting on her bottom and the ruffle panties.

He smiled as she slipped the dressing gown off and standing in just the ruffle panties she twirled for him on the spot and noticed his smile and then he was reaching for her arm and moving to sit on the bed , she pulled back not wanting to go over his lap but he dragged her across his lap and spanked her once hard across her bottom and then holding her with one arm he trapped her in place with a leg and then tugged her ruffle panties down uncovering her big bottom , she squirmed and whimpered but his hand coming down across her cheeks made her yelp and squirm and she cried Nooooooo !!!!!!!! as he spanked covering her cheeks and making them sting and burn and as he carried on she sobbed.

When he finished he kissed her burning cheeks tenderly and stroked her soothing them then he made her kneel head down bottom up knees wide on the bed and he went into the bathroom and returned with a bottle of cocoa butter lotion which he dribbled over her bottom cheeks and then massaged in he loved her bottom and thighs their shape their size listening to her soft whimpers as his fingers found her dripping wet sex and teased and stroked and she gasped and he loved the way she wriggled and moaned as he fingerd her her eyes staring at him.

Putting the bottle on the bedside drawers he unfastened his trousers and slid them off his desire now urgent , he was hard , very hard  and he moved up behind her stroking her bottom cheeks and teasing her slick sex with the tip of his cock before sinking into her , babygirl gasped and pushed back she was so aroused from the spanking and then his fingers and now with him inside her she was on the tip of a wave of pleaasure that was racing away and as he moved deeper inside her and more urgently , harder , now he was fucking her his hands on her hips she began to moan louder and louder her voice filling the room

'Unnhhhhh Daddy !!! Daddy !!! Daddy !!!!! YEsssssss Daddyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!! ' the last a scream as her orgasm hit her and he heard and responded to her snapping his hips and lunging until he exploded inside her and holding her tight to him he slowly collaped onto her , she felt his weight and sighed , she loved it , loved the way he lost control when he was inside her not every time but especially when he'd spanked her like now.

Painting the Fence

Baby girl finished making the bed which she hated and checked the corners of the sheet on the bottom and fluffed and straightened the duvet which she'd only just put on the bed now it was autumn and the evenings and mornings were getting colder she wasn't sure they needed it because her Daddy rarely allowed any room at all between them when they slept he seemed to have this uncanny ability to follow her around the bed hugging her tight.

This morning she'd been woken by him taking her from behind having rolled her onto to her belly and spread her thighs wide , she loved the feeling , the delicious sensation of him fucking her , the waves of pleasure and the best bit the fact that he was just using her , his pleasure not hers , the fact that she'd had three orgasms in 20 mins as he had her was to him incidental  not that he was uncaring of her pleasure but he just used her when he wanted and it drove her crazy when he did.

She looked out of the living room doors onto the veranda that ran the back of the house and saw her Daddy painting the fence he'd put up the day before the boundary fence between them and next door , she went and made him coffee and was just putting it on a tray with biscuits when she got a text

' Coffee , and I want you in your white corset ,stockings , matching heels 10 mins '

She read it again and gulped he wanted her to serve coffee in that outfit  , but there it was , she hurried upstairs to change checking her watch as she did and also how she looked in the mirror , the corset was diffocult to put on by herself but it was the white stockings sometimes they just would not stay attached to the suspenders.

Baby girl took one last look in the mirror before going down stairs , turning to make sure the seams of the stockings were straight and they were , Daddy had not said anything about panties and so she had left them off all she had on was heels , her white corset stockings and a smile but inside her belly was flip flopping about walking out into the garden with the tray and his coffee dressed like this for all the neighbours to see.

The first few steps from the french windows in the living room were the worst once she was out she walked carrying the tray and smiling concious of her naked bottom, as she got closer to Daddy he turned and looked at her and smiled and stopped paiting coming over to meet her by the little wooden garden table and chairs.

She put the tray down and he kissed her and then as he sipped his coffee his hand slipped between her stockinged thighs and cupped her , she bit her bottom lip and sighed as he cupped and squeezed her , she was wet , dripping wet and Daddy pressed two fingers into her sex as he sipped looking into her eyes as his fingers probed and teased.

He put his cup down and whsipered in her ear 'Your mouth on my cock now !'

She sank to her knees hands trembling she thought of all the eyes watching as she undid his old jeans and tugged his erection out kissing the tip and slipping his foreskin back to lick him before she took him into her mouth and began to suck , she loved the taste and feel of him in her mouth and in her excitment she forgot all about the watching eyes and whispers and enjoyed her Daddy in her mouth until he filled it and she gulped and swallowed and cleaned him. She tood after zipping him up and he kissed her lips and smiled and picking up the tray walked slowly back tot he house coffee break was over and she still had a lot to do and Daddy had the fence to finish before lunch with it's desert of whipped cream and guess ?

Monday, 21 November 2011


The hand at her throat squeezed and held her tight pushing her up against the tiles of the shower she gasped his fingers between her cheeks his thumb sliding down to rub over the tight dark ring before it pressed in she whimpered and he paused pressing it in deeper and she squirmed but he held her tight , she gasped and struggled not wanting his thumb there , because it excited her so , it was in some ways even more exciting than having his fingers in her sex.

'Mine ' he whispered and held her tight his thumb buried deep inside her and his fingers in her sex, holding her and she groaned panting she hated the way he managed to inflame her the way her body reacted to his touch , his soapy thumb now deep inside her.

'Yes Daddy yours ' she panted

'Offer me ' he whispered his lips at her ear and she gasped as his fingers left her and he stepped back she looked back at him at his eyes on her and spreading her feet wide she bent from the waist straight legged and reaching back parted her cheeks pulling them wide exposing the darker ring she both loved and hated herself for this and holding the position she stretched herself open

'Please Daddy , Please !!!!!! '

She hated herself for wanting him this way for needing this, she had pressed back onto his thumb when he had toyed with her after spanking her across his lap , she had wriggled and moaned and sighed as he had rubbed her anal bud and pressed his thumb to it. Now all she wanted was his cock inside her and she stretched herself wider

'Daddy it's yours '

She felt his hands on her cheeks stroking squeezing then the tip of his cock rubbing between her cheeks sliding over the dark ring the tip nearly sinking in but then gone and she moaned squirming pressing back seeking him as his fingers found and pulled at her swollen nipples then one hand slid down her belly and between her thighs to tease her susper sensitive clit.

He continued to stroke and tease her clit as he pressed his cock to her and slowly he sank inside her , she moaned and gasped , squirming trying to move away from him but at the same time forcing herself onto his rigid sex as he began to move slowly taking what was his his. Fingers adding to the surging sensations and the waves of pleasure the sense of being totally possessed by him , his nothing else just his.

'Mine ' he whisperd over and over as she panted and gasped and his fingers now pinched her clit tugged her labia and then stroked with the lightest touch , he was all the way inside her and she loved it ,

'Yessssssss Daddy yesssssssssssssss yoursssssssss unnnaahhhhhhhhh YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!'

His lips found hers as she exploded and sobbing and twisting she orgasmed and felt him frantically thrust and then hug her tight squeezing her, his lips on hers , and she kissed him passionately. Later in bed she hugged him her head on his chest as they chatted his hand between her thighs cupping her and she lsiteend to his voice and drifted off later rolling onto her side half aseleep feeling him settle in behind her close an arm around her waist.she wondered why it had taken her so long to find him.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Party

The invite came from one of her colleagues at work to a dinner party and they went and she had a really good time and Daddy seemed to be getting on quite well with her work colleagues having a very animated conversation with on of the departmental heads from marketing a slim older woman in a very dressy low cut gown. He caught her eye and she smiled and he smiled back and a few minutes later he came to her and kissed her neck and then whispered

' Baby girl I want you ' , she blushed and kissed him back and nodded placing her drink on a table she took his hand and led him towards the back of the house away from the chatter and music of the party , they passed 3 or 4 closed doors and then he stopped and opened a door into a dark room and grabbing her by the nape of her neck he pushed her inside the dark room , it was very dark the vague shapes of furniture just visible from light leaking in from outside from under drapes.

He kissed her hard his mouth on hers his hands tugging up her tight pencil skirt around her upper thighs , hands stroking teasing and then slapping her bottom cheeks as he pulled her towards and dark mass that turned out to be a leather sofa he pushed her down over the roll arm the scent of leather in her nose as her skirt was pushed up and he slapped her thighs open , she yelped and groaned but she was wet , soaking wet she wanted him as badly as it seemed he wanted her.

His fingers played between her thighs teasing her labia open , finding her hot wetness her swollen clitoris which was slick with her excitement , then the blunt tip of his super hard cock was pressing inside her she gasped and squirmed and he slapped her bottom cheeks hard thrusting deeper forcing himself inside her his hand on her neck holding her down as he spanked her cheeks making her yelp and wriggle as he took her.

She panted as he fucked her the pleasure surging up from between her thighs her nipples swollen thick and hard aching and pulsing her mouth open eyes closed this was why she loved him , sometime he just took her  no foreplay as such he just fucked her, she was just there for him, as her first orgasm hit her voice rose higher and higher until she was keening and his grunts mingled with her whimpers.

When they returned to the party she saw her hostess smile and look and later when they were living she whispered in her ear ' Did you enjoy our sofa ?'

Friday, 18 November 2011


The weekly grocery shop was something they did together always, Daddy drove and they had a list which they tried to keep to but sometimes odd items crept in she didn't know anyone who only ever came home with just what they went for. An hour later they were done and Daddy asked her to push the trolley out to the car whilst he went to find a new yard brush head, she nodded ok and left him just inside the entrance ot the store.

When she got back to the car she decided to put the shopping in the back whilst she waited for Daddy the back of the car was clear and she opened the tailgate and took the first bag out of the trolley and put it in trying to push it as far as she could leaning over and stretching out to push the bag in as far as she could as she did so she realised she was probably dispaying her panties and bottom off to anyone passing as she could feel her skirt had ridden up.

It wasn't that it was partcularly short mid thigh , pleated tartan but with her bottom skirts just did that but that was part of what Daddy loved about her , she got the next bag in ok and then had just put the third bag down when she heard her Daddy talking to someone and she looked up and back over her shoulder and saw him chatting to a guy then she heard him say bye and next thing he was behind her holding her hips.

She glanced back and saw him smiling that grin he had when she was about to do or say something totally ourageous , she almost unconciously wriggled her hips and pressed her bottom back into him one hand slid from her hip to her thigh then between her thigh and she gasped as his hand cupped her sex and squeezed her.

She stayed still bent over from the waist head and shoulders down inside the car tailgate up as Daddy's fingers stroked her through her panties , she groaned as he teased her clitoris and pressed one then two fingers inside her as her heart hammered in her chest from the wave of pleasure rising up within her and the knowledge they were in the middle of the store car park.

He pulled her up and kissed her passionately as he teased her through her panties and she groaned loudly she was wet now dripping wet which surprised her as they'd made love this morning not 2 hours ago and here she was wanting him again , he whisperd in her ear one word 'display', she gasped but turned and bending over did as he said lifting her skirt up around her waist and slipping her panties down she arched her back feet shuffling wide apart she displayed for him offering her Daddy her bottom and sex.

She bit her bottom lip and moaned as she felt the tip of his cock sinking inside her his hand grabbing and holding her pony tail, her mouth wide as he thrust inside her and moved hard and fast taking her she panted her pleasure all thoughts of where they were forgotton as he plunged into her harder and deeper the contrast between this morning's slowly loving and now was absolute. This was her Daddy just using her for his pleasure and she was trembling and shaking as her 4th orgasm of the day tore through her and she felt him lunge wildly holding her tight by the hips as he followed her and she cried out 'Daddy '.

To her amzement no one else on the store car park seemed to be taking a blind bit of notice of them and when she stood up and took the final bag from Daddy she smiled and he grinned and kissed her lips , on the way home she took his right hand and  placed it down her panties on her sticky wet mound and he squeezed her and she gasped and sighed ' Yours Daddy '.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


She sat nursing a cup of tea in her favourite Star Bucks taking a few minutes at the start of the working day to reflect , she was always busy and so cherished these few minutes at the start of the day when she got a chance to sit and think before the day really began.

Her Daddy had gone off to work kissing her good bye after having checked her before she left the house , he was so particular , so demanding she had to be just so , her clothes her hair her body, last week he'd found her in hold ups rather than stockings when he checked her and he'd made her go and change and then he'd lifted her suit skirt and spanked her hard with his hand across her panty clad bottom several swats whilst he reminded her stockings and suspenders meant just that.

She'd been so wet all day at work she'd had to wear panty pads and when he had got home that evening he'd taken her over the back of the sofa just pushed her down and pulled her panties aside to use her, his hand at her neck holding her down as he thrust her orgasms had left her drained.

She rememberd what her life had been like before they met , the loneliness , the aimless struggle to just deal with her job and life the frustration of a series of meaningless affairs with men who just did not excite her. She never thought she would be where she was now owned and married to an older Daddy Dom male who actually loved her enough to care and showed that in everything he did. He also excited her more than she would ever admit , sexually yes but also he stirred something very deep inside her as well.

She glanced up at the clock on the wall she had another 15 mins , and she smiled , this habit of time checking she'd picked up , had to because he was so to time about most things which initially had been a big change for her but after several spankings in first month with Daddy she had got the point she had to be where she should be on time.

She finished her tea as the clock showed 8:59 and precisely at 9:00 am she stepped out of the door of Star Bucks to go and start her working day , owned and happy

Monday, 7 November 2011

The Bed

She hated making the bed , there was no other word for it of all the domestic tasks she performed every day she really hated making the bed and would go out of her way to avoid doing it, well that was until she met her Daddy and now she had to make it every morning and it had to be just so in winter he wanted the duvet folded just right and smooth not crumpled or as he put it looking like the Alps !.

She had thought she had been doing pretty well but her belly flip flopped one saturday morning when after he'd come out of the shower she heard him holler

'BABYGIRL !!!!' and she heard him well half the street must have , with a heavy heart and trembling legs she went upstairs and found him with just a towel wrapped around his waist standing looking at her as she came into the room.

'Well ? ' he asked arms folded another danger sign with her Daddy

'Yes Daddy ' she replied

' How many times have I shown you how to make this bed ?'

'Several Daddy ' she replied her belly sinking faster than express car in an elevator shaft

' Yet you still can't seem to get it tight , can you babygirl ?'

'Well err... ' and she hung her head her chest heaving and pulse racing

'Well babygirl ?' the third time he'd said it , this was not good he really only used his name for her in that flat hard voice when he was angry , very angry.

'Yes Daddy ?' she looked up and met his eyes and he stared right through her and inspite herself she was aroused her nipples swollen and her pussy begining to melt, she had a navy blue tank top on and a denim skirt no panties of course and she looked down again as he walked to the chest of drawers and opened the top one where he kept some of her toys her vibe and dildo were under her pillow the rest in the top drawer including the seldom used wooden paddle with her name on the smooth rounded handle.

She groaned inwardly as she saw him take it out and started backing away , he looked at her and as he crossed the room to sit on the bed she knew she would go over his knee. He waved her to him she moved on trembling legs but she could not help it, and when he grabbed her hand and pulled her down over his lap and across the bed she cried out.

She wriggled and squirmed as he yanked up her skirt but it made no difference he easily held her tight with one arm and stroked her cheeks before rasing his arm and bringing the paddle down smartly across her cheeks , the pain and sting blazed through her , she yelped and struggled but knew she was going no where and that she had brought this on herself by not paying attention.

Daddy didn't paddle hard he didn't need too, the weight of the wooden paddle did the work and she was soon sobbing and kicking but he calmly carried on telling her this was to make sure she paid attention to making the bed and she pleaded for him to stop by stroke 7 and by 10 her bottom was afire burning and still he gave her two more then put the paddle down and told her to go and stand in the corner hands on her head skirt tucked up around her waist.

She stood facing the corner whilst she heard him getting dressed , the burning in her bottom easing a little then she felt him near his lips on her neck then her ear and she sighed

'Kneel for me babygirl 'he whispered and she knew what he wanted and she sank to her knees facing him her mouth an inch or so from the bulge in his jeans , she looked up and he smiled and she undid the button and unzipped them kissing the thick ridge of his errection through his cotton shorts then she pulled them down and kissed the tip of his cock savouring the taste and feel of him as she slowly sucked the tip using her tongue before slipping his foreskin back and taking him into her mouth to suck him.

10 minutes later with his cum in her mouth he pushed her back onto the bed and spreading her thighs as wide as they would go he licked and sucked and finger fucked her to several orgasms making her arch her back and scream at the ceiling a mix of intense pleasure from his mouth and fingers and the burning in her bottom cheeks. He hugged her for 20 mins or so laying on the now unmade bed before gently kisisng her mouth and whispering he had to go out and she should make the bed and wash up.

She heard him leave the house as she finished the washing up and smiling to herself wondered if Daddy realised the unmaking of the bed had been deliberate ... maybe he did maybe he didn't, but it had had the desired effect and she smiled.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

'Miss me then babygirl ?'

Sometimes and she knew he tried to keep it to the absolute minimum Daddy had to go away at the weekend on business or a business trip during the week would would run on longer than anticipated , this could not be helped and she knew that but it didn't make it any easier to bear.

She had her vibrators but she missed his voice , his scent , the way he kissed her and touched her, his prescence , the way he would unexpectedly take her or make her kneel so he could use her mouth , she opened her eyes to a sunny saturday morning her vibe was on the bedside chest of drawers within easy reach but she rolel dout of bed and went and showered and dressed in jeans and a baggy top over her matching bra and panties.

She heard her phone ring and dashed from the kitchen up the stairs to where she had left it on the unmade bed, it was Daddy , he was coming home today and would be back by 2:00 pm and before he rang off he told her to make it special and she smiled and felt her belly go flip flop and suddenly she was wet. This was their code for her to think of a scene he would like and and arrange herself so that when he walked through the door she was waiting for him.

She looked up at the clock 10:00 am she had a lot to do in four hours so she went back down to the kitchen and finished there then slowly went through the house checking everyhting was where it should be , Daddy had been gone 4 days and she tended to relax when he was away and allow some of her old habits to return but now she was making sure all was in it's place.

At 1:45 pm she took the photo and sent it no txt just the photo montage she had created and waited he replied within a minute a simple

'Mmmm and 5'  meaning he loved it and was 5 mins away

She smiled and turned the vibe up a little stroking it up and down her labia and over her clit until she felt like she would burst her nipples ached and she was almost there her thighs quivered and she wriggled in the chair she was seated in facing the bedroom door.

But held off the orgasm that was making her feel tight like a bow string until she heard the front door bang shut and his fee ton the stairs then she pressed the tip of the vibe inside her pussy and arched her back eyes closed mouth open,  the bedroom door opened and she orgasmed her cry bouncing off the walls as the waves of sensations washed through her 4 days of asbtinence over in a few seconds ... 

When she opened her eyes he was smiling down at her and leaning forward her kissed her

'Miss me then babygirl ?'

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


She hated washing up, it was one of those house hold jobs she absolutely hated but of course it had to be done and Daddy had made sure she did it and her solution of the past had been long since consigned to the re cycle bin.

So here she stood at the sink her hands in washing up gloves doing the dishes , she could hear the TV on in the living room and presumed Daddy was in there watching the news so when she felt lips at her neck she was surprised and when his hands slid around her waist she sighed and he continued to nibble her neck and slid one hand down the front of her jeans and panties , they were quite tight jeans so he had to undo the button and zip but he managed that ok and cupped her smooth mound and she closed her eyes and gasped.

The she felt something smooth and round on her belly and opened her eyes to look down and saw the tip of her vibrator being pushed down under her panties between her thighs so that the tip was pressed against her clit hood , then Daddy zipped up her jeans and buttoned them leaving the vibe in place and the top sticking up around her belly button.

The on off control was on the end and he twisted it to turn it on the buzzing starting and the sensations teasing her already engorged clitoris making it swell and ache and she bit her lip and gasped as he twisted the control and the buzzing increased the pleasure rippling up into her belly her making her nipples throb.

'Now if you manage to do all the washing up before you orgasm Daddy will let you always do the washing up like this ' he whisperd in her ear

She turned to look at him his face inches from hers

'If not Daddy ?' she asked knowing the answer as the words left her mouth

In response he slapped her bottom once dead centre stinging her cheeks through her jeans and she smiled and he kissed her and walked away leaving her to her washing up !.

She manged to just finish before she had her first orgasm which buckled her knees and had her groaning and panting , she managed to get to he living room before her second hit and after that one she knelt and opened Daddys jeans and had his cock in her mouth as her third surged through her..... she looked up at him and met his eyes watching her and smiled her mouth full of him and thanked her stars her gods whatever for the day he'd found her.

Saturday, 1 October 2011


When and how do I desire her ?

Every second of every day waking or asleep
Every time I see a couple holding hands
Every time I see a woman who even resembles her
Every time I go to sleep I wish it was in her arms or holding her
Every time I wake I wish it was next to her
Every time I take a walk I wish I was holding her hand

I desire her so much it sometimes hurts
I desire her so much she's with me even in my dreams
I desire her as my soul mate , my friend , my lover , my companion
I desire her for her mind
I desire her for her voice
I desire her for her bottom her thighs
I desire her for her small perfectly formed breasts
I desire her because she is a complete woman
I desire her for who she is and wishes to become

I desire her because since I met her she has changed my life
I desire her because she is the one for me there is no other
I desire her because no one else in this world makes me feel the way she does , just the sound of her voice excites me or the memory of it.

So if you ask again when and how I desire her I will say when and how , the answer is I desire her all the time and every way.

Spanked !!!

She re read the txt again but there was no mistaking it 'I want you in the bedroom panties at your knees skirt tucked up in the corner hands on head at 7:00 pm I will be home at 7:15 pm' , she'd got the txt just after lunch and had been so busy all afternoon except for 5 mins here and there between appointments and visits to the bathroom where she'd re read it sitting on the toilet.

She was home around 6:30 pm and went through the house checking and re checking making sure all was as it should be, nothing out of place and precisely at 7:00 pm she stood in the bedroom facing the corner by the window and tugged up her pencil skirt around her hips then lowered her panties to her knees and placing her hands on her head she waited for him to come home spreading her feet just a little to make sure her panties stayed in place around her knees and as she did so she heard a noise and turned her head and gasped in surprise he was there standing in the doorway.

He sat on the bed and called her to him and she went nervously the look and tone of his voice told her this was serious and he grabbed her arm and pulled her across his lap her head down and bottom up and then his hand on her cheeks SMACCCKKKK !!!! SMACCCCK !!! she yelped and the sound of his hand on her bottom seemed to fill the room she wriggled and moaned , whimpered as her bottom cheeks burned but she stayed in position both at there was any chance of her moving he held her too tight even with one arm.

When he stopped she just lay there her cheeks smouldering and stinging wondering what had provoked this spanking but knowing that it was probably just that he wanted to and he did just what he wanted to with her and she loved it that way , sometimes she knew precisely why she was being spanked , even if he didn't tell her she knew but she loved that at other times he would just bend her over skirt up panties down and spank her.

She felt his hands on her burning cheeks and sighed and then moaned softly as his fingers pushed her thighs wider and teased her labia, she was already wet but now she could feel herself dripping in a  sudden rush of pleasure as his fingers tips found her clitoris and teased and stroked and rubbed.  The tightness in her belly built until she could stand it no more and she squeezed his two fingers thrust deep into her sex and her orgasm burst through her like a slowly moving fireball singing her nerves and leaving her limp and helpless.

He lifted her up and hugged and kissed her and she kissed him back passionately murmering her devotion and love for this man who knew how to move her so much.

Monday, 26 September 2011

The Telephone rings

Baby girl heard her phone ringing and dashed naked from the bathroom scooping it up off the bed and thumbing the answer icon hoping it was , and yes it was she laughed and smiled and quickly sat on the bed laying back as she heard his voice and nothing else mattered her Daddy was on the phone.

He asked where she was and how she was dressed and she heard his breathing change when she told him naked and laying on the bed on her back , she surprised herself with her answers , yes she was naked , yes she had just finished showering , unnh yes she was smooth and as she said this her hand cupped her smooth mound and labia almost automatically before he had a chance to tell her to do so and so when he did she smiled to herself and closed her eyes enjoying the moment.

She felt her clitoris swell as he asked if she was wet and she bit her bottom lip hesitated and replied , ' Ummhh yes Daddy ' , and then she heard the tone of his voice change as he told her to take her vibrator from under her pillow and turn it on which she did and she held it buzzing in her hand and took a few moments to slip the blue tooth headset on so she could talk and listen and use both hands.

As he whispered in her ear she teased and toyed with her nipples stroking the tip of the vibe around and across until they were hard swollen points and ached as much as her now very aroused clitroris did and she was definetly wet now , very wet , soaking dripping wet and in a pause she told him she was , "Daddy I'm wet for you , dripping wet Daddy ! "

She heard the catch in his voice and sighed and knew he was as aroused as she was and she guided the vibe down over her belly and along each of her thighs from knee to hip until she was squirming and moaning thighs spread as wide as she could the tip of the vibe now poised above her mound

"Daddy !!!!! pleaseeeeeeee " she panted into the mic and there was a pause and then she heard the words she loved

" Now tease that swollen clitoris for Daddy my baby girl and I want to hear you cum for Daddy " , and she did and her world seemed to dissolve into her rapid breathy panting and the buzzing of her vibe over her swollen aching clitoris.

The sparks of sensation were almost constant as she rode the beginings of the waves that swept through her and thundered , the voice in her ear urged her on and she heard now her own voice keening high and clear her hips flexing and jerking as she peaked and was thrown off the edge into the abyss of her first orgasm.

As she wriggled and moaned and gasped the vibe on her clitoris drove her from one peak to another until she collapsed onto the bed crying and shaking from the sheer pleasure the vibe trapped between her thighs buzzing away and her Daddy's voice in her ears whispering his love and devotion confirming her place as his baby girl..... from oh so far away and she longed for the day he would touch her with his lips for real....

Saturday, 24 September 2011


She trembled when he locked her into it

She hated the way it felt for the first day

She loved the way he kissed her that night and the way he looked at her naked except for the chastity belt

She loved the way it felt by the third day

She loved when on friday evening after dinner out at a restaurant when they came home he spanked her over his lap sitting on the bed and then and only then he unlocked her and teased and played with her soaking wet sex until she orgasmed wriggling on his lap.

When Monday morning came she locked herself into her chastity belt and handed him the key and he kissed her and she felt herself become instantly wet it was going to be a long day and she knew it was just the first of many and she wanted them all

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Chastity belt love

She sat in her office at work and squirmed again it was 4:30 pm and she'd promised herself she would stay until 5:00 pm, and now her eyes were flicking up to the clock and the hands seemed to be ssuspended in time and space at 4:43 pm.

Baby girl was suffering , her nipples were swollen and aching under her bra thankfully no one could see just how big they were because of the gel support bra's she wore to give her the shape she loved but they were very swollen and aching and she knew she was going to have to go to the bathroom before she left to change her panties again.

She wriggled again feeling the sticky wetness between the tops of her thighs and the tight band of the chastity belt, she'd had it on for 4 days now not continuously but except for when she showered morning and evening she had been locked into it and Daddy whilst he had been his usual affectionate kissing and hugging her had not allowed her to orgasm once in four days and now she was so aroused , so excited she thought she might orgasm just from thinking about it or from the touch on her oh so sensitive nipples of the fabric of her bra.

4:53 pm , she'd had enough and closed her PC down collected her things and headed for the bathroom intending to change into her last pair of clean dry panties and to use a panty liner as well as she had been doing the whole day , then her iphone pinged it was Daddy he was waiting for her wanted her home asap so she went straight home the 20 min journey in the car spent trying to concentrate and not rub her thighs together.

Daddy was waiting for her when she got home and he kissed her and held her in his arms for a long minute then he led her upstairs to their bedroom and told her to undress which she did folding her clothes up and putting them on the arm chair and then handing her wet panties to him.

He took them looked at the crotch smiled and laid them ontop of her blouse skirt and bra and then unclipped the key from his key ring , the key to her chastity belt , the key to release her , she could see the bulge of his errection in his suit trousers he was just as excited as she was and as far as she knew he hadn't cum in 4 days either unless of course he'd just pleasured himself but she dismissed that idea why would he when he could have had her suck him something she knew he loved as much as she did.

He kissed her mouth passionately and then sat on the edge of the bed and unlocked and slipped the chastity belt off dropping it to the floor relief flooded through baby girl as she felt the belt come off and then she felt his hand cupping her pussy and she gasped at the sensations and the wave of pleasure that rose up from his hand.

He squeezed and she moaned and when he pulled her down onto the bed she spread as wide as she could for him his mouth on her inner thighs kissing down to her knees and back up his hands stroking her belly and as his mouth neared her sopping wet sex he found her nipples with his fingers and tugged them gently.

He hips bucked as his tongue swept up and down her labia the jolts of pleasure bursting inside her and when he breathed on her swollen clit she orgasmed , the feeling tore though her and she screamed at the ceiling as his mouth sucked at her and her hands held his head her thighs spasmed and her hips flexed she groaned and panted and thought she was going to pass out.

But he moved up kissing and holding her stroking her face , he was naked now his knee between her thighs pulling her onto him and she squeezed it tight as they kissed and she could taste herself on his mouth mmmmmmm and as she squeezed she had a second and third orgasm slightly less intense than the first but she still cried out biting his shoulder and shaking arms holding him tight as she rode the waves of intense pleasure.

Later when he'd fucked her and then cum, they'd slept cuddled together she woke it was 2:00 am she went to the bathroom and when she came back she picked up the chastity belt and hung it next to her clothes for the following day picking the key from the lock and clipping it to his key ring.

She got back into bed covered herself with the sheet and pushed her bottom back into him, he sighed she felt his arm come around her her waist and his half hard cock rub her bottom and she smiled to herself and drifted off content that she was owned and cherished and cared for and wanted , his mind body and soul.

Monday, 5 September 2011


It had been something they had discussed and Daddy had said he might make her wear a chastity belt then one evening before bed he had put a plain box on the dresser and asked her to open it , she looked up and smiled at him and pulled the top of the box off and pulled back the white tissue paper to reveal a chastity belt in stainless steel and black leather, she felt a lump in her throat and her pulse raced as she thought OMG he's really going to make me wear this !! ?.

He was and he spent 15 mins fitting and adjusting it so that it fitted snugly without chaffing around her thighs and over her pussy then he fitted the lock and snapped it closed and she felt herself shiver would he ever let her out ? and what if the keys were lost ?.

He did let her out a few minutes later and they went to bed the chastity belt hanging by her clothes which he had chosen for her for the next day , she woke to Daddy's lips on her neck and his cock sinking into her pussy as he fucked her awake her pleasure rising rapidly as he held her tight by her hips and took her she always wondered how he managed to wake himself up to wake her this way which she adored and as she surfaced from sleep she felt his fingers on her nipples tugging and stroking and moaned loudly pushing back onto his cock which just made him move faster and her belly melted and the pleasure had her arching her back and crying out and she heard Daddy groan and cry as he came inside her.

They showered together and after drying and moisturising her he brought the chastity belt in and fitted it locking her in and telling her he would keep a key and the spare would be in the lock box in the wardrobe to which she did not have the combination, baby girl looked at herself in the mirror before getting dressed the belt was she had to admit quite snug and smooth and she smiled though she had a first been more than a little apprehensive now she actually loved the idea.

By the time she had got to work she had forgotten she was wearing it and it was only mid morning when she went to the bathroom that she remembered she had it on and then wondered how she had forgotten, she used the bathroom and dried herself and adjusted her panties and skirt then checked in the mirror and you could not see that she was now a chaste woman locked away and as she walked back to her office she smiled to herself and felt her clitoris tingle and wondered when Daddy would let her out.

Waiting ....

Baby girl was sitting chatting to her friends from work over tea she'd decided instead of going straight home to spend 30 mins having a cup of tea and chatting about the usual stuff work gossip whose husband was having an affair etc. Why didn't men do more around the home, why were they so useless, baby girl laughed with the rest of them but smiled to herself because of her Daddy.

She laughed again as one woman related how she had suggested to her husband that he return the favour after oral sex which he had enjoyed and he had laughed and gone to sleep , she laughed because the woman had the next evening given his dinner to the dog. But all the time baby girl was also thinking that could never happen to her , she had her Daddy.

She felt a tickle against her hip from her iphone and she slipped it out the screen coming alive with an alert 2 messages she felt her pulse race as she checked them both from Daddy the first told her he would be home late at 10:00 pm and that he wanted her to be waiting for him dressed as she currently was but no panties.

Then then second updated the time by 3 hours , he would be home at 7:00 pm instead of 10:00 pm she checked her watch it was already 6:00 pm she gulped her tea and  hurriedly said goodbye to her friends and grabed her bag and hurried to her car.

 Traffic was light and as she got home she heard the ping of another message and standing on the drive locking her car she looked another message , Daddy wanted her in the office skirt up panties round her knees bent over the side desk she sent a quick reply "Yes Daddy ".

She hurried in checking the house was tidy her eyes on her watch every few minutes and at 6:55 pm she walked into their home office which was really the spare bedroom converted into an office and walking over to the desk by the big french windows she lifted her skirt slipped her panties to her knees and lay belly down on the smooth wood of the side desk it was only then she realised that without the net curtains down you could see out over neighbouring gardens and therefore anyone in them could see in if they cared to look up and on this lovely summer evening the neighbour's were out in force enjoying the evening cool.

 She hated being exposed like this but at the same time there was a tingle in her nipples and that flip flop in her belly she rubbed and squeezed her thighs together and knew she was begining to get wet and then she heard the front door shut and knew he was home , he took his time coming up stairs, she knew he was checking to see if everything was as it should be and she mentally ran down a list in her mind but it was too late if there was anything then she was in trouble.

By the time she heard him coming up the stairs she was trembling and when he walked past the office door and into the bedroom they shared she stretched her thighs wider and arched her back head down cheek against the smooth cool wood she could only imagine the picture she presented to Daddy as he came into the office and she smiled to herself.

 He came in and greeted her and she looked up from her position and smiled and greeted him and he came over and caressed her bottom cheeks with his hands fondling and squeezing her , she sighed she loved his touch and then he leaned over kissed her neck by her ear and was gone back into the bedroom to change he kept her waiting for some 10 minutes as he put his suit away and came back dressed in jeans and a tee , he went to the french windows and opened them wide fixing them back the evening air and sounds of their neighbours flooded in and baby girl realised she was on show there was no way anyone looking up
 could miss her and then Daddy looked into her eyes and smiled and stroked her bare smooth cheeks up between her spread thighs cupping and giving her pussy a brief squeeze.

 She sighed unable to control her reactions to his touch wanting those fingers to return and tease her play with her ,she was wet now and her nipples pulsed her clitoris tingled as she waited when it came the first spank dead centre of her full large cheeks sounded so loud in her ears and as the sting faded she heard Daddy explain why she was being spanked

SMACKSSSSSSSS!!!! remember baby girl you are owned not a free woman !
SMACKSSSSSSSS!!!! remember you consented to this !
"Unnnnhh Yesss Daddy "


 This is a reminder to pay attention !!!!


Then he was spanking her bottom not with any force but enough to turn her cheeks a deep pinky red and to set it on fire and she knew anyone outside those windows could see and hear how could they not and she wriggled and squirmed but Daddy held her in place and spanked !.

 The when he finished he stroked and teased and caressed her burning cheeks and pushing her thighs wider stroked her now soaking pussy teasing her clit until she groaned and pushed back onto his fingers which were probing her , she bit her lip and her breathing became ragged , she could feel the pleasure build to a peak as he slipped three fingers inside her and probed his thumb on her clit rubbing and as she exploded suddenly her orgasm washing through her he kissed her cheek and whisperd in her ear

 "My baby girl " and she moaned back "Yes Daddy" 

Then he closed the french windows and pulled th net curtains across and slipping his jeans and boxers down sank his very stiff cock inside her and took her roughly over the desk top his hands holding her hips as she moaned and gasped and pushed back onto him and then he was moaning loudly and lunging inside her deep as he came hugging her to him his lips on her neck...........

Then it hit her that blinking red light wasn't the PC on standbye but the HD web cam he'd bought the week before and said he would test .....

For My baby girl ..... an average friday night ...

Thursday, 25 August 2011



Of course the short and simple is wherever I am baby girl,  but maybe thats too simple here's what I might whisper in her ear if she asked the question.

'Daddy where do I belong'

Baby girl in my arms !  

Baby girl in my bed !

Baby girl in my thoughts as you always are

Baby girl in the corner by the window hands on your head for corner time before or after a spanking

 Baby girl on your knees head in my lap

Baby girl over my lap skirt up panties down thighs held open by my knee waiting to be spanked 

Baby girl asleep in my arms

Baby girl you belong  to me so the answer is where I want you but always with your Daddy.


Friday, 19 August 2011

When she's waiting for you !

When She's Waiting for you !

I love it when I know she's waiting

when I know without question she is waiting patiently as I have instructed

because she has surrendered willingly

because she has confirmed this by everything she does

because she desires it above all else

So she waits on this occasion in the corner by the window of the bedroom hands on her head dressed in a sober suit for work with the pale grey skirt rucked up around her waist her white silk panties bunched around her upper thighs and the matching suspenders and stockings perfectly framing her full round cheeks.

She is pre occupied , wondering, waiting for him to return it has been so long or so it seems since he last touched her and she is only too aware that she drips for him , the inside of her thighs are wet , the crotch of her panties soaked through. She longs for him in a way she has never longed for any man.

When at last she hears him come into the room and he kisses the back of her neck she sighs softly and can't believe it has only been 5 minutes since he stepped away to retrieve a package from the car.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

How do you know if it's real ?

How do you know if it's real ?

Thats a very good question, 25 days ago I found mysubmissive baby girl on , yes I hear you groan , yes it's not perfect but what is for free . Long story short I found her we chatted and chatted and talked and e mailed etc and now 25 days later she still makes me feel the same way. so whats the answer to the question ?

Well I don't think there really is one except that you will know when you find her, you will know because when you are out of contact or you don't see her then it's the most important thing in the world to have that contact or see her, that something inside of you, the inner voice will tell you , listen to it and if you are lucky enough to find him or her then make it work we get few chances in this life to meet our soul mates, don't don't pass up on it and yes if it's diffciult somethimes or hard work then work at it.

If you need motivation then think back to when you were not together and then find that energy to work at it.

So the answer to the question ? , well it's all of the above. Let me just say I know for me she is the most important person in the world to me (yes after my children) and I am to her (after her child) and when she whispers "Yes Daddy " in that soft sexy voice I know how I feel and wining the lottery if I ever did will come a poor third. 

Saturday, 30 July 2011

The reason Why !

There's a reason for the smile
There's a reason why !
There's a reason why he feels like a 43 year old
There's a reason for that faraway look
There's a reason for the raised pulse rate
There's a reason he is so happy
There's a reason why ?
The reason baby girl is you ........ X

Friday, 29 July 2011

For my submissive baby girl !

Missing Half
by jen l norris

I’ve wandered through this lonely life,
Not understanding why,
I’d felt as though a part of me
Had wandered off to die.

The world around me carried on
As if without a care,
But deep inside I knew there was
A part of me not there.

I tried to live as others did,
but always it was wrong.
But when you came into my life,
I knew where I belonged.

The answer came the instant that
You looked into my eyes,
for deep within you, waiting,
the missing half of my soul lies.

21 days later

21 days later !

Here we are 21 days later and it gets better every day

21 days later on my Tumblr blog 

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


She sits in starbucks with her tea and sips then puts the cup down and her bracelet catches the lights and she smiles to herself thinking of her Daddy and what the bracelet means to them both, it has two heart shaped tags one larger one in silver with Daddy's initials on it "SB" and a smaller rose gold plated tag with "baby girl" on it. This is the symbol of her submission to her Daddy and she wears it all the time the only exception allowed is when she takes a shower, it reminds her of the fact that she is owned by her Daddy, that she belongs to him mind , body and soul and to him and no other. She often when they are apart during an average day looks at it and it makes her smile and want to be with him, friends and work colleagues have admired it and asked who "SB" is and she with a smile has told them a friend. They hear the answer and smile to themselves wondering what kind of friend could make her smile like that.

She loves that only they know , well on they plus anyone who reads their blogs online but as they are anon it effectively is only they who know , she looks at her iphone and she has 15 minutes before she has to go, she thinks back to this morning and how she woke to her Daddy's fingers teasing and stroking and pulling at her labia and as she remembers she feels a tingle in her nipples and between her thigh. Daddy teased her his lips on the back of her neck until she was waking from her sleep and then he rolled her to him and onto her back the sheet came off and he spread her thighs, she was vaguely aware of him kissing her belly and the top of her mound , his tongue on her clit and then down between her labia tasting her hot wetness.

As she opened her eyes he was between her thighs his stiffness branding her belly as he kissed her mouth and she opened hers still half awake but nearly overwhelmed by the sensations and he moved back and then his cock was pressing at her pussy and sinking in ever so slowly , he leaned up on his arms and looking down watched her face as he slipped into her she moaned and spread her thighs wide pulling him down to kiss and as he moved inside her faster and faster she was suddenly wide awake and rushing, climbing dizzy with pleasure to an orgasm as he whispered

"Wake up baby girl Daddy's home "

Then she was kissing him hard and passionately as her head seemed to burst and she hugged him tight her nails in his shoulders her orgasm making her buck under him and he was smiling and kissing her back and lunging into her and then he came inside her and hugged her tight rolling them over so she ended up on top her mouth on his her thighs along his sides and his stiffness deep inside where her Daddy belonged, Daddy was home and she cuddled him and listened to his heart thudding inside his chest squirming a little on him.

She finished her tea and with 3 minutes to spare leaves starbucks wet and wanting Daddy


Baby girl was really very tired, she'd stopped at a Starbucks on the way home for tea to try and wake herself up but she could feel her eyes going as she drove thankfully now she was only a short distance from home and she knew Daddy was there because as ever he'd sent her a txt enquiring what time she would be back. She'd been out early to work and it was now a few mins to 9:00 pm and in the day she'd had one 20 min break it had been hectic non stop and she was beat.

She parked her truck and taking her bag opened the front door and although the outside light was on the inside lights were mostly off except for the kitchen light which lit up the short corridor to the living room, Daddy came down the stairs and hugged her tight kissing her and taking her bag from her, he locked the front door and took her jacket and hung it up then he took her hand and led her slowly upstairs , it had to be slowly because she literally had no energy at all.

The lights were off upstairs but there was a glow from the bathroom door and Daddy led her in and she stared the bath was surrounded on three sides by night light candles flickering in the slight breeze and the bath was full and in the water were red rose petals floating on the surface, Daddy hugged her again and kissed her and she kissed him back this was one very nice surprise after a long hard day.

He unzipped her dress and slipped it down so it fell in a circle of green around her feet and baby girl stepped out of it as Daddy undid her bra and with a kiss to her neck he pulled it free kissing her nipples as he did so and then down her belly and as his thumbs eased her panties down he kissed her smooth mound and she sighed.

She stepped into the water which had a lovely scent to it and sat slowly loving the feel of the heat and lay back her head resting on the folded hand towel Daddy had placed there then he pressed a button on a portable DVD player and soft music filled the room, he knelt by the bath and kissed her lips gently

"Now is my baby girl comfortable ?"
"Yes Daddy very comfortable, but why all this it isn't a special day is it Daddy ?" she asked wondering if she'd forgotten an anniversary or something.
"Yes it's always a special day with my baby girl and I know you've had a long day so I thought you needed some pampering" he replied
"Thank you Daddy" she said closing her yes and enjoying the water feeling the heat as he added some more hot water and then he disappeared out of the door returning some minutes later with an ice bucket which he set down on the floor by the bath and then disappearing again to return with a large tray and two glasses.

"Dinner is served" he announced and showed her the plate of pasta on the tray Ragu alla Napoletana which she loved, he poured a glass of chilled white wine a chardonay and she sat up reaching for the glass but Daddy waving her hands away held the glass to her lips and she sipped it was cold and delicious neither too sweet or too dry, over the next 20 minutes he fed her the pasta and in between a couple of glasses of wine not allowing her to do anything except eat drink and of course talk and she truly felt like a baby girl cared for loved and cherished.

Then he bathed her slowly washing every part of her as she lay enjoying the whole experience full of wine and pasta and when he was finished they kissed passionately until she broke for air her pulse thudding in her ears, he helped her out of the bath and dried her then naked he led her to the bedroom where he had lit candles and made her lay down on her belly on the sheet her head on a pillow, she felt so good all the cares of the day were gone she felt warm and sleepy.

Daddy went off and tidied up and came back and undressed and kissed her neck where she lay moving her hair aside and then he kissed her collar bone and shoulder and covered her back with butterfly kisses working down to her bottom which he kissed slowly and lovingly rolling her onto her side to kiss her belly and tease her belly button which made her wriggle.

 She stretched her arms as he rolled her gently onto her back and continued kissing down her belly to her thighs which he opened and kissed the insides working from knee to upper thigh not yet touching her pussy but getting nearer and nearer , then leaning up he looked at her face and grinned and held up her pink vibe he twisted the end and touched the tip to her clit hood and she moaned as she felt the vibrations.

She was already quite wet and the vibe just made her more so and he circled her clit and teased her labia with it using his tongue fingers and vibe to tease and finger her until she was panting and squirming thighs opening wide her hands holding his head as he kissed her clit and then he blew on it and kissed it flicking it with his tongue and she exploded now moaning loudly as he kissed her , she forgot how many times she orgasmed in the next 30 mins or so in fact she forgot any sense of time and it wasn't until much later that he finally slipped inside her and filled her gently moving in and out faster and faster until she was arching her back pressing against him and rushing to another orgasm as he had his and he hugged her tight in his arms.

When she woke next morning she felt rested and remembered the night before turning she found her Daddy fast asleep and she watched him breathing and felt a surge of emotion and pulled him to her cradling his head to her breasts.....counting her lucky stars all of them .... all the billions in the sky that they had met.....

Monday, 25 July 2011


My baby girl has the most perfect, adorable spankable bottom , she's kinda shy about it because she has more bottom than most women and womens clothes in general are not designed for her shape which is a shame, and so she has to be careful what she does wear so that it fits and she looks good which she does.

She's petite, slim framed but she has what could be called a classic african american shape so her bottom stands outs, shouts for attention, and to me it is just perfect !.Move over J. Lo you have nothing on my baby girl.

We have a shared interest in lingerie amongst many and as I decide what she wears in terms of clothes and lingerie and shoes we are setting about changing her wardrobe gradually,  we have found and discussed some really very sexy lingerie including a divine white corset, ruffle panties, and lots of others which we will be buying for her to wear and as her collection expands we will be putting some photographs and video of her up on a multimedia blog with minimum text.

It will be about how she looks in her her clothes and lingerie in various poses and scenes and in particular her bottom in panties and without,  spanked or just waiting to be, is she just teasing or playing or is she waiting for my hand ?. Does she know she is being watched ?.

Will she won't she ? , where is she ? , who is she ?, all that you will know is that she is real and looks as she does and wants you to see her.

Where did the idea come from for this new blog, well shall we just say it developed from our admiration of another blog we both like and by the end of the conversation I decided we would.

Have a look for yourself  Bottoms up Baby Girl !



She stands hands upon her head fingers linked facing a corner in the bedroom with a blank wall to her left and the window to her right she has been there a few minutes waiting for Daddy her dark grey skirt is rucked up around her hips , she is not wearing panties and her bottom is on show. She is waiting for Daddy, he is finishing off cleaning her car out on the drive, it's early on a Sunday afternoon sunny and quite hot and humid she can feel herself sweating it runs down her back , the drone of a motor mower and a dark barking drift in through the open window but otherwise it's quiet. She's nervous , but there is a slow excitement building an anticipation of what is to come, being spanked for her is a mix of punishment but usually the prelude to other sex sometimes though Daddy spanks , teased and fingers her and then makes her wait for the rest.

This time she forgot to wash up the breakfast dishes having got caught up in something online  and Daddy who had been out to gas up her car came back and found them unwashed and her on her lap top in the bedroom and now here she was wondering how he would spank her and if there would be corner time or some other punishment as well such as curfew , TV restrictions or the one she really did not like orgasm denial.

She heard the door open behind her and she looked down at the floor as Daddy came into the room and saw his baby girl waiting as instructed , he sat down on the end of the bed and told her to turn round which she did shuffling to face him trying to avoid his eyes and he patted his knee and she felt her belly flip and she moved to him and obediently went across his knee and onto the bed he settled her across him and brought his other leg across hers trapping her in place as his hand stroked her full cheeks

"Well baby girl , can you explain what happened with the washing up this morning ?"
"I'm sorry Daddy I forgot the time and then you were home really please !! "
" Baby girl you had one thing to do after breakfast didn't you ?"
"Yes Daddy" she sighed as he pushed her thighs open adjusting his leg across hers she now felt very vulnerable , trapped across his knee her big bottom open to his hand and her thighs spread

"Well you know baby girl what happens to you when you disappoint Daddy ?"
"Yes Daddy , I get spanked Daddy "

"Yes you do baby girl  " and brought his hand down hard across her bottom cheeks
 "OWeeeeeeeeeeeee" she yelped
"Owweeeeeee Daddyyyy pleaseeee " 

Baby girl feels her bottom cheeks warming and wriggles on his lap

"This is what baby girl needs isn't it ?"
"Unnnhhhh Daddy..... "
 "Well baby girl " he askes a second time 
 "Yes Daddy " she gasps as his hand continues to spank not too hard but enough now to raise a pinky red flush on her cheeks and upper thighs

The he pauses and pushes her thighs wider so that her very wet pussy is exposed she squirms but her thighs stay open and she feels his fingers teasing her labia, she's so very wet now, it seems these days so easily and she can feel herself drip

"Baby girl you are so wet "
"Unnhhh mmmmpppppphhhh yes Daddy" she sighs eyes closed mouth open enjoying his fingers slipping and pressing in and out of her


"So what will we remember baby girl ?"

"To do the washing up Daddy "  she gasps her bottom now burning stinging and hot , his fingers return to her pussy stroking and teasing a thumb brushing the tight ring of her bottom which makes her wriggle more and then his fingers are inside her and she moans loudly unable to control her responses to his fingering and teasing her clit she squirms and pants and moans as he brings her to the edge of an orgasm and then tips her over it his fingers inside her as she jerks and moans loudly and crashes squeezing his hand tight between her thighs.

She loves being spanked but she loves the effect it has on her more and she absolutely adores the way her Daddy makes her cum ..... 

Sunday, 24 July 2011


This is a question I have asked myself countless times over the past two weeks and here are some of the answers

Her mind
Her humour
Her soul
Her spirit
Her physicality
Her small perky breasts
Her big bottom made for spanking     
Her neck made to kiss
Her mouth
Her smooth gorgeous thighs
Her eyes
Her waist where it curves to her hips  
Her voice 
She's a brat some times
She's playful
She's funny
She suprises me
She challenges
She needs attention (lots)
She's beautiful
She's a complete woman

She has given me the most precious gift she can, her submission


I'm the very proud owner and Daddy Dom to my submissive baby girl as of yesterday the 23rd July 2011.

Baby girl accepted my offer after many days and hours of  discussion about what she was seeking and what she desired and how that fitted with what I was seeking and it came to us both I think gradually that we had stumbled , fallen upon, each in our own way the one we had been searching for.

I thought about this and making an offer so soon after meeting and yes it is very soon after we have met however for us this is right, and so I made her an offer and we set out and agreed rules and hard limits and now I am the very proud owner of my submissive baby girl, she belongs to me, I am her Daddy Dom. We discussed the question of a symbol for her status that would remind her and also be visible as she went about her daily life and I have chosen for her and she now wears a silver bracelet with two hearts on it, one has my initials and the other her name "baby girl".

We are very happy now and confident we will be in the future a confidence born of many many hours of chat and talking and e mails and a set of interests and desires not just in D/s but in every aspect of life that is so close a match it's spooky somethimes.

So she belongs to me, mind body and soul and I to her, and we belong together.

My submissive baby girl and blogs

My baby girl and I spent a large part of friday maybe 2 or 3 hours discussing the blogs she follows and why , I'd been through them earlier in my day and by the time she was up (5 hours time difference) I'd looked through them and I was happy for her to continue to follow them , she needs my approval to add any new ones. But we spent a lot of time discussing the ones she does currently follow looking at them and choosing faves and what we liked and disliked not just about the blog content but the design and the art work the photographs.

We found a lot of common interests and she surprised me and delighted me as she does almost daily with the pictures , videos and blogs she is interested in and finds arousing sexually. We've also read some of the mass of information online on D/s relationships and what other people have found and this is helping her to explore and learn about her own submission and desires.

We are closer now than 16 days ago and will be closer still tomorrow, oh and just in case any of you were wondering she will be continuing her blog.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Baby Girl 13 days On

It's 13 days today since I found her online, my submissive baby girl or as I call her baby girl and in that time we have messaged every day , e mailed ever day and discussed every subject a Daddy and his baby girl could , from her needs an desires through clothes , lingerie, sex toys, spanking implements, fav holidays, daily routine, food likes, and on and on and we have not yet run out of things to talk about and never will.

The conversation comes very easily , she is respectful as she should be but is able to ask me anything she needs to and to get answers and decisions , she makes suggestions and we discuss and I decide , we have rules which we have discussed and I have decided will apply. She is smart, intelligent, sassy, very funny, has ideas and opinions and is inventive , creative, talented but has found what she was seeking a Dominant Daddy who will give her loving Dominance which she needs to be the person she is and to be happy and fulfilled.

She is not the first submissive woman I have had a relationship with but she will be the last, I have found my soul mate that one special person and yes there will be problems and ups and downs, we will be tested but we will get through all that together.

Sunday, 17 July 2011


I've been thinking about the events of the past week and also about my submissive baby girl , I call her baby girl but she is submissive as she makes clear in her blog which is posted on this site and is in my view highly readable (but then I would say that).

So has the euphoria worn off , yes and no, do I still get the shivers when she whispers "Yes Daddy" yes I do but I am no longer as totally stunned as I was earlier in the week trying to make out if this was a sophisticated deception or real. Lucky for me it's real !.

This has been replaced by a deeper sense of connection , we IM , e mail and speak every day, in fact if you mapped a time line for our contact across any of the past 8 days you would see it develop and from Tuesday of this week on there would be phone calls as well. This sense of connection is intense and deepening with each day as we learn more about each other and I come to appreciate the unique and beautiful person I have been so lucky to meet.

The true test I is not when you are with the person but away from them , because there is a 5 hour time difference there is a period when either one of us is asleep and then we are separated by the time and the distance and then you have a chance to reflect and upon reflection ask yourself the question how do I feel ?.

Now thats easy, I miss her ......

Friday, 15 July 2011

Seven Days on

Seven days on from an initial message on and a snappy few messages then a chat on the site and then we moved to yahoo messenger for ease of use and a weekend lost in chatting by IM exchanging e mails photos more IM and now 3 days of not just e contact throughout the day but speaking and last night IM with cam video we have communicated more than a lot of couples have over this past week.

The chances on finding someone so compatible as I have must be long odd, then  factor in ok so you have found someone but are they real or a figment of imagination ( yes my submissive bay girl is real) and even now the way we are connecting is just so good it's un nerving and we keep coming across similarities in terms of style , clothes ideas, food, interests and of course the icing on the cake sex.

Will we still be together in a week yes, will I still feel the same way about her , yes, will we be together in a year yes, will we marry , yes, are we happy yes, this is a once in a lifetime event a game changer , deal breaker and  I am not letting her get away (not that she would want to ). So if you ar  out there and wondering will I ever find that one special person in this whole wide world , the answer is yes I did and if I did so can you .

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

What I LOVE ! about my submissive baby girl

What do I love about my submissive baby girl ?

Well the list would run to several pages , google would grind to a halt trying to retrive all the data  , really yes it would and even then there would be something remaining that I had not listed or described because I simply do not have the words too describe what it is... I love about my submissive girl.

Well I'll give a flavour , she is intelligent , she has a glorious sense of humour, she is thoughtful, imaginative, she is in my view quite the most beautiful woman I have ever met , I love her submission to me, her need, her desires, her giggle, her laugh, her voice, the way when she days "Daddy" her voice dips unconciously it sends shivers through me to hear her say that, I love all of her  she is the closest person to me in this world my soul, my submissive baby girl !.

Let the cynics laugh, let the sceptics point out the pitfalls, the dangers, let them smile knowingly because I know when I look into those eyes and she whispers to me "Yes Daddy"  that she is the one I have searched for in vain for a long long time, we are happy. Those of you who have found their one will know what I describe , the unalloyed joy of finding that one person who was meant for you.

If you want to get a hint as to what I mean read her blog and enjoy send her comments etc she will reply having asked me if she may which is as it should be between us, it's as we wish it.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My submisisve baby girl

A week is often said to be a long time in politics but it's nothing to 6 days in life when you meet someone you connect with and find as you chat you have so much in common with , you agree so much with, their personality comes through across the space between you leaping off the screen at you. So at first you are sceptical then the realisation grows as you chat exchange ideas , routine stuff, likes dislikes , hard limits etc it all cascades like a roller coaster.

Well it's happened to me and I never saw it coming what started off as a simple message on CM to Daddy ??? has in 6 short days brought me together with my baby girl, my submissive baby girl as she is more widely know through her blog. Thing is I'm not 19 , I'm world weary and cynical , cautious by nature , and with a healthy degree of cynicism but she is even better than I dared hope , I was looking for a submissive woman with personality , a soul match, not a shadow or just an online ghost but someone who is serious and who I could make that mental connection with first.

I've found her , yes I hear the cries thundering across the net " no fool like an old fool" but better to take a chance as we all do when meeting someone at a social event , a bar or wherever we do than to be alone aloof , cold and right , yes no one can get to me thats because your heart is dead there is no you to get to.

The whole of life is a risk , will there be problems yes, will there be tears yes when I spank her when she needs it , but really yes there is a risk but you have to decide that for yourselves not remain locked away in your profile a pale imitation of life , look at what makes us human and go on risk it.

We are happy and I'm sure my baby girl will say if she is not, she's no shrinking shadow , no cypher, she's real, witty , bratty, talented, intelligent, cultured, sophisicated, DDG ( drop dead gorgeous) a woman who has given me the greatest gift any submissive can, her submission, and I will care for her , decide for her, cherish, nuture and love her.

Who knows if it will last we will do all we can to make it last, how long do relationships last founded on a few drunken or drugged encounters ? some years some just as long as it takes to come round ! We are happy if you are not then go and seek your "One" I have found mine .....