Monday, 25 July 2011


My baby girl has the most perfect, adorable spankable bottom , she's kinda shy about it because she has more bottom than most women and womens clothes in general are not designed for her shape which is a shame, and so she has to be careful what she does wear so that it fits and she looks good which she does.

She's petite, slim framed but she has what could be called a classic african american shape so her bottom stands outs, shouts for attention, and to me it is just perfect !.Move over J. Lo you have nothing on my baby girl.

We have a shared interest in lingerie amongst many and as I decide what she wears in terms of clothes and lingerie and shoes we are setting about changing her wardrobe gradually,  we have found and discussed some really very sexy lingerie including a divine white corset, ruffle panties, and lots of others which we will be buying for her to wear and as her collection expands we will be putting some photographs and video of her up on a multimedia blog with minimum text.

It will be about how she looks in her her clothes and lingerie in various poses and scenes and in particular her bottom in panties and without,  spanked or just waiting to be, is she just teasing or playing or is she waiting for my hand ?. Does she know she is being watched ?.

Will she won't she ? , where is she ? , who is she ?, all that you will know is that she is real and looks as she does and wants you to see her.

Where did the idea come from for this new blog, well shall we just say it developed from our admiration of another blog we both like and by the end of the conversation I decided we would.

Have a look for yourself  Bottoms up Baby Girl !

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