Monday, 21 November 2011


The hand at her throat squeezed and held her tight pushing her up against the tiles of the shower she gasped his fingers between her cheeks his thumb sliding down to rub over the tight dark ring before it pressed in she whimpered and he paused pressing it in deeper and she squirmed but he held her tight , she gasped and struggled not wanting his thumb there , because it excited her so , it was in some ways even more exciting than having his fingers in her sex.

'Mine ' he whispered and held her tight his thumb buried deep inside her and his fingers in her sex, holding her and she groaned panting she hated the way he managed to inflame her the way her body reacted to his touch , his soapy thumb now deep inside her.

'Yes Daddy yours ' she panted

'Offer me ' he whispered his lips at her ear and she gasped as his fingers left her and he stepped back she looked back at him at his eyes on her and spreading her feet wide she bent from the waist straight legged and reaching back parted her cheeks pulling them wide exposing the darker ring she both loved and hated herself for this and holding the position she stretched herself open

'Please Daddy , Please !!!!!! '

She hated herself for wanting him this way for needing this, she had pressed back onto his thumb when he had toyed with her after spanking her across his lap , she had wriggled and moaned and sighed as he had rubbed her anal bud and pressed his thumb to it. Now all she wanted was his cock inside her and she stretched herself wider

'Daddy it's yours '

She felt his hands on her cheeks stroking squeezing then the tip of his cock rubbing between her cheeks sliding over the dark ring the tip nearly sinking in but then gone and she moaned squirming pressing back seeking him as his fingers found and pulled at her swollen nipples then one hand slid down her belly and between her thighs to tease her susper sensitive clit.

He continued to stroke and tease her clit as he pressed his cock to her and slowly he sank inside her , she moaned and gasped , squirming trying to move away from him but at the same time forcing herself onto his rigid sex as he began to move slowly taking what was his his. Fingers adding to the surging sensations and the waves of pleasure the sense of being totally possessed by him , his nothing else just his.

'Mine ' he whisperd over and over as she panted and gasped and his fingers now pinched her clit tugged her labia and then stroked with the lightest touch , he was all the way inside her and she loved it ,

'Yessssssss Daddy yesssssssssssssss yoursssssssss unnnaahhhhhhhhh YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!'

His lips found hers as she exploded and sobbing and twisting she orgasmed and felt him frantically thrust and then hug her tight squeezing her, his lips on hers , and she kissed him passionately. Later in bed she hugged him her head on his chest as they chatted his hand between her thighs cupping her and she lsiteend to his voice and drifted off later rolling onto her side half aseleep feeling him settle in behind her close an arm around her waist.she wondered why it had taken her so long to find him.

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