Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Before !!!

She found it hard to remember the time before she met her Daddy , when she was not owned , loved and cared for when she was alone. The daily struggle to keep going the confusion the wondering if this was all there was a series of unhappy relationships always the something missing , she worked hard came home ate dinner and then there was her vibe until she fell asleep on her own.

Now her life could not be more different Daddy made all the decisions , he decided the when where and how in her life not just sex but all other aspects yes he consulted her but he decided and sexually he Dominated totally she was his and she loved it she had never been happier !.

This morning he'd left at 6:00 am to catch a flight to New York for a meeting but he had still laid out the clothes he wanted her to wear from her lingerie to the skirt and blouse and shoes and she would wear them sending him a pic of herself as she had just done to confirm she was dressed as he wished. She looked at herself in the ward robe mirror and adjusted her the collar of her blouse just as her phone pinged with a txt

' squat over your phone and send me the pic '

She bit her lip and quickly slipped her panties down and off and then selecting camera on her phone and a 10 sec delay placed it face down and lifting her pleated skirt up straddled the phone making sure she was about 6 inches above it as it bleeped the count down then click and a flash. Babygirl stood up and checked the photo , yes it was a good image of her smooth shaven sex her labia slightly parted , she quickly sent it and slipped back into her thong panties and as smoothed her pleated skirt down her phone pinged again it was Daddy and he'd sent a smiley face she sent one back and slipped into her heels and with one last look in the mirror she set off for work.

By lunch time she was hungry and so walked one block to a small cafe she went to regularly it was a quiet place with old style booths at the back and family run Italian place but she loved the food and the tea they did , Daddy had met her here for lunch several times , she ordered a Parma ham sandwich and large tea and found a table by the window to eat and watch the world go by. It was nearly 2:00 pm by the time she had finished and needing to pee she headed to the toilets which were at the back , to get to the ladies you had to cross the small yard at the back which had a garden and flowers.

She had a pee and wiped herself carefully before pulling her thongs back up and then smoothing her skirt down she washed her hands and dried them , as she left the toilet a door to her left opened and she was grabbed and pulled into the dark , she yelped and tried to break free but the hand had her by her hair and she was pushed up against the rough stone wall the door was kicked shut and lips at her ear whispered
'Who owns you ?' the voice set her pulse racing and relief washed over her.

'Daddy owns me ' she replied in a quavering voice unsure of what was to follow here in the dark , a hand pushed between her thighs grabbing her pussy roughly squeezing hard teeth nipped her neck and she froze as two fingers rubbed along her labia and then pressed inside her thrusting deep she spread her feet wider and moaned as the fingers explored her sex.

He held her by the hair fingers in her sex thumb rubbing and pressing between her cheeks she gasped and squirmed and moaned arching her back face pressed against the wall , then his fingers slipped out and she heard a zip her skirt was lifted and her feet kicked wider she bent her knees shuffled back and leaned forward his cock brushed the inside of her upper thigh and then he was thrusting into her hard and fast holding her hair tight pulling her head back as he took her , yes she was wet , yes she was excited but he paid no attention to her needs or pleasure he just took her hard and fast slamming in and out of her now very wet sex his breathing and her moans and gasps the only sounds.

She felt him slide out of her and then he was pulling her head round and down

'Squat !!! ' he whispered and she did her face level with his sticky stiff cock his hand still holding her by the hair she knew what he wanted and she kissed then held and sucked him bobbing her head until she hear him gasp and he spurted , she swallowed , and sucked and swallowed again until he slid from her mouth and tucking himself walked away opening the door light streaming in.

She tidied herself and her phone pinged , she checked the message

'Don't be late home and I enjoyed lunch my babygirl !'