Saturday, 1 October 2011

Spanked !!!

She re read the txt again but there was no mistaking it 'I want you in the bedroom panties at your knees skirt tucked up in the corner hands on head at 7:00 pm I will be home at 7:15 pm' , she'd got the txt just after lunch and had been so busy all afternoon except for 5 mins here and there between appointments and visits to the bathroom where she'd re read it sitting on the toilet.

She was home around 6:30 pm and went through the house checking and re checking making sure all was as it should be, nothing out of place and precisely at 7:00 pm she stood in the bedroom facing the corner by the window and tugged up her pencil skirt around her hips then lowered her panties to her knees and placing her hands on her head she waited for him to come home spreading her feet just a little to make sure her panties stayed in place around her knees and as she did so she heard a noise and turned her head and gasped in surprise he was there standing in the doorway.

He sat on the bed and called her to him and she went nervously the look and tone of his voice told her this was serious and he grabbed her arm and pulled her across his lap her head down and bottom up and then his hand on her cheeks SMACCCKKKK !!!! SMACCCCK !!! she yelped and the sound of his hand on her bottom seemed to fill the room she wriggled and moaned , whimpered as her bottom cheeks burned but she stayed in position both at there was any chance of her moving he held her too tight even with one arm.

When he stopped she just lay there her cheeks smouldering and stinging wondering what had provoked this spanking but knowing that it was probably just that he wanted to and he did just what he wanted to with her and she loved it that way , sometimes she knew precisely why she was being spanked , even if he didn't tell her she knew but she loved that at other times he would just bend her over skirt up panties down and spank her.

She felt his hands on her burning cheeks and sighed and then moaned softly as his fingers pushed her thighs wider and teased her labia, she was already wet but now she could feel herself dripping in a  sudden rush of pleasure as his fingers tips found her clitoris and teased and stroked and rubbed.  The tightness in her belly built until she could stand it no more and she squeezed his two fingers thrust deep into her sex and her orgasm burst through her like a slowly moving fireball singing her nerves and leaving her limp and helpless.

He lifted her up and hugged and kissed her and she kissed him back passionately murmering her devotion and love for this man who knew how to move her so much.

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