Monday, 5 September 2011


It had been something they had discussed and Daddy had said he might make her wear a chastity belt then one evening before bed he had put a plain box on the dresser and asked her to open it , she looked up and smiled at him and pulled the top of the box off and pulled back the white tissue paper to reveal a chastity belt in stainless steel and black leather, she felt a lump in her throat and her pulse raced as she thought OMG he's really going to make me wear this !! ?.

He was and he spent 15 mins fitting and adjusting it so that it fitted snugly without chaffing around her thighs and over her pussy then he fitted the lock and snapped it closed and she felt herself shiver would he ever let her out ? and what if the keys were lost ?.

He did let her out a few minutes later and they went to bed the chastity belt hanging by her clothes which he had chosen for her for the next day , she woke to Daddy's lips on her neck and his cock sinking into her pussy as he fucked her awake her pleasure rising rapidly as he held her tight by her hips and took her she always wondered how he managed to wake himself up to wake her this way which she adored and as she surfaced from sleep she felt his fingers on her nipples tugging and stroking and moaned loudly pushing back onto his cock which just made him move faster and her belly melted and the pleasure had her arching her back and crying out and she heard Daddy groan and cry as he came inside her.

They showered together and after drying and moisturising her he brought the chastity belt in and fitted it locking her in and telling her he would keep a key and the spare would be in the lock box in the wardrobe to which she did not have the combination, baby girl looked at herself in the mirror before getting dressed the belt was she had to admit quite snug and smooth and she smiled though she had a first been more than a little apprehensive now she actually loved the idea.

By the time she had got to work she had forgotten she was wearing it and it was only mid morning when she went to the bathroom that she remembered she had it on and then wondered how she had forgotten, she used the bathroom and dried herself and adjusted her panties and skirt then checked in the mirror and you could not see that she was now a chaste woman locked away and as she walked back to her office she smiled to herself and felt her clitoris tingle and wondered when Daddy would let her out.

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