Friday, 19 August 2011

When she's waiting for you !

When She's Waiting for you !

I love it when I know she's waiting

when I know without question she is waiting patiently as I have instructed

because she has surrendered willingly

because she has confirmed this by everything she does

because she desires it above all else

So she waits on this occasion in the corner by the window of the bedroom hands on her head dressed in a sober suit for work with the pale grey skirt rucked up around her waist her white silk panties bunched around her upper thighs and the matching suspenders and stockings perfectly framing her full round cheeks.

She is pre occupied , wondering, waiting for him to return it has been so long or so it seems since he last touched her and she is only too aware that she drips for him , the inside of her thighs are wet , the crotch of her panties soaked through. She longs for him in a way she has never longed for any man.

When at last she hears him come into the room and he kisses the back of her neck she sighs softly and can't believe it has only been 5 minutes since he stepped away to retrieve a package from the car.

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