Wednesday, 27 July 2011


She sits in starbucks with her tea and sips then puts the cup down and her bracelet catches the lights and she smiles to herself thinking of her Daddy and what the bracelet means to them both, it has two heart shaped tags one larger one in silver with Daddy's initials on it "SB" and a smaller rose gold plated tag with "baby girl" on it. This is the symbol of her submission to her Daddy and she wears it all the time the only exception allowed is when she takes a shower, it reminds her of the fact that she is owned by her Daddy, that she belongs to him mind , body and soul and to him and no other. She often when they are apart during an average day looks at it and it makes her smile and want to be with him, friends and work colleagues have admired it and asked who "SB" is and she with a smile has told them a friend. They hear the answer and smile to themselves wondering what kind of friend could make her smile like that.

She loves that only they know , well on they plus anyone who reads their blogs online but as they are anon it effectively is only they who know , she looks at her iphone and she has 15 minutes before she has to go, she thinks back to this morning and how she woke to her Daddy's fingers teasing and stroking and pulling at her labia and as she remembers she feels a tingle in her nipples and between her thigh. Daddy teased her his lips on the back of her neck until she was waking from her sleep and then he rolled her to him and onto her back the sheet came off and he spread her thighs, she was vaguely aware of him kissing her belly and the top of her mound , his tongue on her clit and then down between her labia tasting her hot wetness.

As she opened her eyes he was between her thighs his stiffness branding her belly as he kissed her mouth and she opened hers still half awake but nearly overwhelmed by the sensations and he moved back and then his cock was pressing at her pussy and sinking in ever so slowly , he leaned up on his arms and looking down watched her face as he slipped into her she moaned and spread her thighs wide pulling him down to kiss and as he moved inside her faster and faster she was suddenly wide awake and rushing, climbing dizzy with pleasure to an orgasm as he whispered

"Wake up baby girl Daddy's home "

Then she was kissing him hard and passionately as her head seemed to burst and she hugged him tight her nails in his shoulders her orgasm making her buck under him and he was smiling and kissing her back and lunging into her and then he came inside her and hugged her tight rolling them over so she ended up on top her mouth on his her thighs along his sides and his stiffness deep inside where her Daddy belonged, Daddy was home and she cuddled him and listened to his heart thudding inside his chest squirming a little on him.

She finished her tea and with 3 minutes to spare leaves starbucks wet and wanting Daddy

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