Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Painting the Fence

Baby girl finished making the bed which she hated and checked the corners of the sheet on the bottom and fluffed and straightened the duvet which she'd only just put on the bed now it was autumn and the evenings and mornings were getting colder she wasn't sure they needed it because her Daddy rarely allowed any room at all between them when they slept he seemed to have this uncanny ability to follow her around the bed hugging her tight.

This morning she'd been woken by him taking her from behind having rolled her onto to her belly and spread her thighs wide , she loved the feeling , the delicious sensation of him fucking her , the waves of pleasure and the best bit the fact that he was just using her , his pleasure not hers , the fact that she'd had three orgasms in 20 mins as he had her was to him incidental  not that he was uncaring of her pleasure but he just used her when he wanted and it drove her crazy when he did.

She looked out of the living room doors onto the veranda that ran the back of the house and saw her Daddy painting the fence he'd put up the day before the boundary fence between them and next door , she went and made him coffee and was just putting it on a tray with biscuits when she got a text

' Coffee , and I want you in your white corset ,stockings , matching heels 10 mins '

She read it again and gulped he wanted her to serve coffee in that outfit  , but there it was , she hurried upstairs to change checking her watch as she did and also how she looked in the mirror , the corset was diffocult to put on by herself but it was the white stockings sometimes they just would not stay attached to the suspenders.

Baby girl took one last look in the mirror before going down stairs , turning to make sure the seams of the stockings were straight and they were , Daddy had not said anything about panties and so she had left them off all she had on was heels , her white corset stockings and a smile but inside her belly was flip flopping about walking out into the garden with the tray and his coffee dressed like this for all the neighbours to see.

The first few steps from the french windows in the living room were the worst once she was out she walked carrying the tray and smiling concious of her naked bottom, as she got closer to Daddy he turned and looked at her and smiled and stopped paiting coming over to meet her by the little wooden garden table and chairs.

She put the tray down and he kissed her and then as he sipped his coffee his hand slipped between her stockinged thighs and cupped her , she bit her bottom lip and sighed as he cupped and squeezed her , she was wet , dripping wet and Daddy pressed two fingers into her sex as he sipped looking into her eyes as his fingers probed and teased.

He put his cup down and whsipered in her ear 'Your mouth on my cock now !'

She sank to her knees hands trembling she thought of all the eyes watching as she undid his old jeans and tugged his erection out kissing the tip and slipping his foreskin back to lick him before she took him into her mouth and began to suck , she loved the taste and feel of him in her mouth and in her excitment she forgot all about the watching eyes and whispers and enjoyed her Daddy in her mouth until he filled it and she gulped and swallowed and cleaned him. She tood after zipping him up and he kissed her lips and smiled and picking up the tray walked slowly back tot he house coffee break was over and she still had a lot to do and Daddy had the fence to finish before lunch with it's desert of whipped cream and guess ?

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