Saturday, 24 September 2011


She trembled when he locked her into it

She hated the way it felt for the first day

She loved the way he kissed her that night and the way he looked at her naked except for the chastity belt

She loved the way it felt by the third day

She loved when on friday evening after dinner out at a restaurant when they came home he spanked her over his lap sitting on the bed and then and only then he unlocked her and teased and played with her soaking wet sex until she orgasmed wriggling on his lap.

When Monday morning came she locked herself into her chastity belt and handed him the key and he kissed her and she felt herself become instantly wet it was going to be a long day and she knew it was just the first of many and she wanted them all

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  1. My Daddy and I have never discussed the possibility of using a chastity belt, but I must say that after reading your last few posts, the idea is rather intriguing! Your descriptions are intensely sexy and pique my interest in what it must feel like for your baby girl to be locked up by you/for you.

    Extremely erotic posts!

    Thank you for sharing!