Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Key

They were on their way out to a dinner party babygirl was wearing the dress Daddy had chosen, the bra he had chosen , and stockings and heels he had chosen, and now she was waiting for him down in the hallway , waiting for him to bring his choice of panties for her to wear.

Everything she had on from jewelry to clothes and make up , perfume Daddy had chosen , he'd asked her opinion but he had made the choice and she had to admit though it had been very strange at first she loved it and wouldn't change it , she looked up and smiled as she came down the stairs in his suit no tie and a white shirt double cuffs.

He smiled back and she noticed he had a pair of panties in one hand and her chastity belt in the other , her heart beat a little faster and as he came to her he kissed her and went down on one knee as she lifted her dress up so he could fit the chastity belt adjusting it until it was snug then he tightened it a little then snapped the lock shut and added the key to his key ring.

She took the panties from him and kissed him stepping into them and tugging them up over the belt and he kissed her back smoothing down the flared skirt of her dress ,she turned for him and he nodded and they left for the dinner party which was 20 minutes drive away.

The dinner party went well the food was good and babygirl had 2 or 3 glasses of wine with her food and spent her time talking and eating catching up on news and gossip and all the time watching her Daddy across the table.

After dinner she was sat with Daddy and four other couples for coffee and they discussed all the usual things some politics , the price of stuff , the latest sports news , and then a bit of a disagreement arose between the young couple at the end of the table and baby girl watched as the woman young and very pretty got up and stormed off and her husband followed and a few minutes they came back and she apologized for losing her temper and they sat back down and finished their coffee as the conversation went on.

Lucy the young woman who had stormed off asked the other men in the group if they believed they should make the decisions alone in their marriages or whether it should be consensual , the other men all replied that it should be consensual and Daddy was last and he smiled and said that whilst he always discussed and sought her opinion he would make the decision and thats the way it was , the group went silent and a couple of the wives objected and argued that they were equals and their husbands joined in what turned out to be a lively debate.

Babygirl when asked said that she was happy for the man in her life to lead and make the decisions , Lucy who had asked the original question laughed and the group then broke up drifting away from the dinner table into the living room babygirl found herself chatting to Lucy who asked her if that was really her opinion or was she just saying it because her husband was there.

Lucy seemed quite put out when babygirl confirmed it was her opinion and thats the way she liked it and would never wish to change it , Lucy just laughed and said she'd never give up her freedom to a man babygirl smiled at the younger woman and then they got talking about relationships and Lucy complained about her husband Mike always demanding sex but paying little attention to her needs babygirl just smiled and wondered if she was the only woman there who was happy and satisfied.

Babygirl went looking for her Daddy and found him with 3 other of the husbands and when she kissed him on the cheek he smiled and held her hand and looking at her said they had been discussing naughty wives and how to control them , she smiled and looked at the other men who smiled back and then to her shock Daddy told her to raise her dress , she trembled and hesitated and she heard him ask again his voice harder and she knew because he used 'babygirl ' she was in trouble.

Blushing she lifted the hem of her dress up around her waist revealing her stockings suspenders and panties and underneath her chastity belt , as she other men stared she was pulled across her Daddy's lap and holding her tight he spanked her hard his hand coming down across her bottom and thighs until she was sobbing and squirming whimpering as he bottom burned. When he stopped he told her to stand and hold her dress up around her waist which she did now the centre of attention , tears rolling down her face her bottom burning and her pussy dripping wet !.

Lucy stood and stared and her husband looked up at her and patted his lap .... she didn't get to see what happened because her Daddy took her by the hand and saying good night to their hosts led her out into the night air and to the car parked to one side of the house. Here he kissed her and whispered in her ear and she knelt and unzipped him and taking out his very hard cock she sucked him until he filled her mouth all the time thinking how lucky she was to be married to a man who loved her enough to know what she needed and to make sure she got it.

Monday, 13 August 2012


Occasionally very occasionally babygirl had a day off from work and her Daddy wasn't with her , Daddy usually planned it so any leave they had they were off together but now and then babygirl had a day when she was home alone this particular day was one and even though she was home alone she was still connected to her Daddy.

Daddy had kissed her goodbye with his hand between her thighs holding and squeezing her wet sex through her lacey cream thong panties with her arms around his neck she had whispered her response to his affectionate squeeze

'It's yours Daddy ' and he'd smiled and kissed her and then he was gone out the door and she watched as he drove away that little sinking feeling in her belly, she spent the rest of the morning doing house work trying to distract herself from the ache between her thighs and the fact that she was wet for her Daddy.

By 1:00 pm she had done all the house work she needed to do so she made herself tea and sat and read a while , feeling sleepy and unable to concentrate she decided to have a nap and went upstairs to the bedroom and lay on the bed curling up tucking her knees up one hand between her thighs cupping her sex a comfort gesture and as she drifted off she squeezed her sex and sighed wishing Daddy was here and inside her like he had been this morning hand on her neck holding and controlling her as he fucked  her , his knees spreading hers ever wider as he sank inside and took her hard and fast whispering in her ear lips to her neck his cock making soft liquid sounds as it lunged in and out of her , her moans , whimpers and urgent cries as she felt herself rushing towards an orgasm then he was holding her tight and filling her slipping out his final spurts on her bottom marking her.

She felt herself flood at the memory and squeezed her thighs together her fingers rubbing her clit half asleep half awake that delicous state when the world slips away and there is just pleasure she sighed as she orgasmed once and then a second time before sleeping the thought at the back of her mind that she was of course breaking the rules.

She sensed rather than felt the first slap across her cheeks and then suddenly she was wide awake someone was gripping her neck tightly from the back so she could not turn to see who it was and then the pain of a hand hard across her cheeks , she yelped and wriggled and squirmed trying to move away but the hand on her neck held her in place and the other one came down across her cheeks hard and heavy making them sting and burn.

The spanking was relentless back and forth up and down her cheeks until she sobbed and begged and kicked but still the hand came down until she just lay there and took it , she knew there was no way she could avoid this breaking the rules always ended this way with her being spanked. When he stopped babygirl rolled over and looked up at her Daddy standing there, then her eyes dropped and he reached out and grabbed her by the hair and with one hand undid his trousers and pushed them down with his boxers exposing his swollen sex. He pressed his cock to her lips and she opened for him as he thrust in and out holding her by the hair tightly her bottom still burning her pussy so wet she could feel her excitement coating her inner thighs as he used her mouth thrusting until he groaned and filled her mouth.

She swallowed and sucked her mind racing her her belly flip flopping with fear and excitement as he finished and slipped from her mouth then he was pulling his boxers and trousers up fastening his belt and asking for coffee , when she made it she carried the cup to where he was sitting in the living room and kneeling she offered him the cup and he took it from her hand his eyes on the TV. She stayed kneeling on the floor eyes down hands behind her back dressed in just a bra and a white vest , he sipped the coffee and then patted his lap placing the cup on the side table as she stood and then sat on his knees and he pulled her down so her head was on his shoulder his hand between her thighs cupping and squeezing her pussy.

Kissing her forehead he stroked and teased and played with her keeping her on the edge of bliss for an hour before he let her orgasm and then he kissed her hard on the mouth and looked into her eyes and she looked back and then he smiled and whispered 'My baby girl '

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Occasionally she wakes in the middle of the night and listens to the noises of the house and those seeping in from outside , she sometimes watches him asleep if he is on his side facing her which he usually is , if she rolls over she can watch and kiss him on the forehead as he sleeps.

To provoke a response from her sleeping Daddy she shuffles down under the duvet or if it's summer the sheet and kisses and licks his sex until he swells which is quickly , this always amazes her how he becomes errect at the touch of her mouth and she sucks him gently fondling him until he is fully errect then she shuffles back up the bed and kisses him and then stroking his cock with both hands she teases him until he is half awake at which point she rolls over onto her side and pushes back rubbing her bottom against him as he wakes and pulls her to him his lips at her neck.

She plays at being asleep not because she wants to tease him or put him off but because she knows it will have precisely the opposite effect , she bites her lip and sighs as she feels his hand cup her smooth sex fingers rubbing and pressing between her labia , she's wet of course and now he squeezes her hard making her moan.

Awake he leans over and kisses her neck and still she feigns sleep as he pushes her thighs up to her chest and his fingers tease her clit , she feels his cock brush her cheeks and then he is pressing inside her taking her deeply sinking all the way inside her he fucks her.

His lips on her neck as she squirms and moans eyes closed mouth open his cock deep inside her just fucking her harder and deeper and faster until the waves of her orgasm reach up through her belly making her heart flutter and her head swim as she explodes and then she hears him groan and snap his hips and he cums sinking down behind her still inside of her joined to her he wraps an arm around her holding her tightly to him his face in her hair and she sighs squirming and squeezing him as he falls asleep and she feels herself drifting off.

Waking Daddy in the middle of the night can be very very pleasurable , even if sometimes it gets her a spanking !

Sunday, 26 February 2012

What do you do when you miss her ?

When I miss her which is often I remember her smile.
When I miss her I remember the sound of her voice, and what it does to me.
When I miss her I look at her photo.
When I miss her I tell myself this will not be for ever, that it's just a matter of waiting for her.
When I miss her I sometimes cry.
When I miss her my heart hurts
When I miss her I do all of these things and wish as well.
When I miss her I wish I could kiss her, talk to her, tell her how much I love and desire her.
When I miss her it's very difficult to go on.

Now ask me how often I miss her ? , every second of every minute of every hour of every day. Once you have found the one if you are not with them then you know what I mean.

I do miss her.

He's Home

Loving discipline and control was what he promised and what she got, baby girl checked herself in the mirror in the hallway and waited it was 6:58 pm and he Daddy was due home all she wore was a bra and a sleeveless vest otherwise she was naked below the waist which was how Daddy preferred her to be the only exception was during her period when he allowed her panties.

But not tonight , tonight she had dinner ready and she was ready for him coming home, bottomless and now very wet the tops of her thighs were sticky with her excitement which had been building through the txts and phone call she'd had from Daddy since she got home at 5:00 pm.

Now her nipples ached and her clit was super senstitive to the point where just moving sent ripples of pleasure up her thighs. She marvelled at how a few txt messages and one brief phone call could make her this excited , then she heard the key in the door and she smiled standing waiting for him hands behind her back feet apart she could feel herself drip !.

She looked up when she heard the door open and there he was looking a little tired brief case in hand his coat over a shoulder in a dark suit and white shirt, she seemed to leap the few feet between them and putting her arms around his neck she kissed him and he kissed her back his free arm circling her waist pulling her close then his hand stroked and squeezed her cheeks and she sighed.

She took his coat and hung it on the hall stand and placed his brief case on the low shelf and he kissed her again and his hand slipped between her thighs cupping and squeezing her sex she gasped and he smiled and kissed the tip of her nose

'Just how I like my babygirl dripping for her Daddy '

She blushed and closed her eyes briefly as he kissed her again and sank a finger inside her his lips at her neck nibbling and then he whispered

'Coffee babygirl'

'Yes Daddy 'she sighed as his fingers left her and he went upstairs to change , babygirl had everything ready and making Daddy's coffee took a few minutes then she carried the small white cup into the living room where he was sitting on the sofa the TV on low watching the news as soon as she came into the room he turned and looked at her and she handed him his coffee he tasted it nodded and then patted the sofa meaning she should sit next to him.

For the next 20 mins they talked telling each other what they needed to , this was part of their evening routine there would always be this period before they ate dinner when they talked and gave each other their undivided attention the TV went off and all there was silence except for their words and sometimes yelps and moans and sighs and whimpers if Daddy decided to spank her or the soft wet sucking sounds if he wanted her mouth or sex. But tonight he just wanted to look into her eyes , sip his coffee and listen to her giving her all his attention and this was something she loved the way he concentrated on her and what she had to say whilst he drank his coffee only punctuating her words with a kiss or touch or as he often did his hand between her thighs cupping her sex just holding her.

Dinner was shared they only ever ate together , never separately , if there was some reason why they could not eat together then they would wait for each other and then eat. After dinner babygirl washed up and Daddy went to up to the office to sort some paper out before he left her he kissed her and gave her bottom a playful slap, she knew it was playful but it reminded her he was in charge, she was his owned and cared for but his , there was no question of that she wore a necklace with his initials an ankle bracelet in gold with his name engraved on it but more than that in her head and heart she was his.