Wednesday, 16 November 2011


She sat nursing a cup of tea in her favourite Star Bucks taking a few minutes at the start of the working day to reflect , she was always busy and so cherished these few minutes at the start of the day when she got a chance to sit and think before the day really began.

Her Daddy had gone off to work kissing her good bye after having checked her before she left the house , he was so particular , so demanding she had to be just so , her clothes her hair her body, last week he'd found her in hold ups rather than stockings when he checked her and he'd made her go and change and then he'd lifted her suit skirt and spanked her hard with his hand across her panty clad bottom several swats whilst he reminded her stockings and suspenders meant just that.

She'd been so wet all day at work she'd had to wear panty pads and when he had got home that evening he'd taken her over the back of the sofa just pushed her down and pulled her panties aside to use her, his hand at her neck holding her down as he thrust her orgasms had left her drained.

She rememberd what her life had been like before they met , the loneliness , the aimless struggle to just deal with her job and life the frustration of a series of meaningless affairs with men who just did not excite her. She never thought she would be where she was now owned and married to an older Daddy Dom male who actually loved her enough to care and showed that in everything he did. He also excited her more than she would ever admit , sexually yes but also he stirred something very deep inside her as well.

She glanced up at the clock on the wall she had another 15 mins , and she smiled , this habit of time checking she'd picked up , had to because he was so to time about most things which initially had been a big change for her but after several spankings in first month with Daddy she had got the point she had to be where she should be on time.

She finished her tea as the clock showed 8:59 and precisely at 9:00 am she stepped out of the door of Star Bucks to go and start her working day , owned and happy

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