Sunday, 24 July 2011

My submissive baby girl and blogs

My baby girl and I spent a large part of friday maybe 2 or 3 hours discussing the blogs she follows and why , I'd been through them earlier in my day and by the time she was up (5 hours time difference) I'd looked through them and I was happy for her to continue to follow them , she needs my approval to add any new ones. But we spent a lot of time discussing the ones she does currently follow looking at them and choosing faves and what we liked and disliked not just about the blog content but the design and the art work the photographs.

We found a lot of common interests and she surprised me and delighted me as she does almost daily with the pictures , videos and blogs she is interested in and finds arousing sexually. We've also read some of the mass of information online on D/s relationships and what other people have found and this is helping her to explore and learn about her own submission and desires.

We are closer now than 16 days ago and will be closer still tomorrow, oh and just in case any of you were wondering she will be continuing her blog.

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