Monday, 26 September 2011

The Telephone rings

Baby girl heard her phone ringing and dashed naked from the bathroom scooping it up off the bed and thumbing the answer icon hoping it was , and yes it was she laughed and smiled and quickly sat on the bed laying back as she heard his voice and nothing else mattered her Daddy was on the phone.

He asked where she was and how she was dressed and she heard his breathing change when she told him naked and laying on the bed on her back , she surprised herself with her answers , yes she was naked , yes she had just finished showering , unnh yes she was smooth and as she said this her hand cupped her smooth mound and labia almost automatically before he had a chance to tell her to do so and so when he did she smiled to herself and closed her eyes enjoying the moment.

She felt her clitoris swell as he asked if she was wet and she bit her bottom lip hesitated and replied , ' Ummhh yes Daddy ' , and then she heard the tone of his voice change as he told her to take her vibrator from under her pillow and turn it on which she did and she held it buzzing in her hand and took a few moments to slip the blue tooth headset on so she could talk and listen and use both hands.

As he whispered in her ear she teased and toyed with her nipples stroking the tip of the vibe around and across until they were hard swollen points and ached as much as her now very aroused clitroris did and she was definetly wet now , very wet , soaking dripping wet and in a pause she told him she was , "Daddy I'm wet for you , dripping wet Daddy ! "

She heard the catch in his voice and sighed and knew he was as aroused as she was and she guided the vibe down over her belly and along each of her thighs from knee to hip until she was squirming and moaning thighs spread as wide as she could the tip of the vibe now poised above her mound

"Daddy !!!!! pleaseeeeeeee " she panted into the mic and there was a pause and then she heard the words she loved

" Now tease that swollen clitoris for Daddy my baby girl and I want to hear you cum for Daddy " , and she did and her world seemed to dissolve into her rapid breathy panting and the buzzing of her vibe over her swollen aching clitoris.

The sparks of sensation were almost constant as she rode the beginings of the waves that swept through her and thundered , the voice in her ear urged her on and she heard now her own voice keening high and clear her hips flexing and jerking as she peaked and was thrown off the edge into the abyss of her first orgasm.

As she wriggled and moaned and gasped the vibe on her clitoris drove her from one peak to another until she collapsed onto the bed crying and shaking from the sheer pleasure the vibe trapped between her thighs buzzing away and her Daddy's voice in her ears whispering his love and devotion confirming her place as his baby girl..... from oh so far away and she longed for the day he would touch her with his lips for real....

Saturday, 24 September 2011


She trembled when he locked her into it

She hated the way it felt for the first day

She loved the way he kissed her that night and the way he looked at her naked except for the chastity belt

She loved the way it felt by the third day

She loved when on friday evening after dinner out at a restaurant when they came home he spanked her over his lap sitting on the bed and then and only then he unlocked her and teased and played with her soaking wet sex until she orgasmed wriggling on his lap.

When Monday morning came she locked herself into her chastity belt and handed him the key and he kissed her and she felt herself become instantly wet it was going to be a long day and she knew it was just the first of many and she wanted them all

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Chastity belt love

She sat in her office at work and squirmed again it was 4:30 pm and she'd promised herself she would stay until 5:00 pm, and now her eyes were flicking up to the clock and the hands seemed to be ssuspended in time and space at 4:43 pm.

Baby girl was suffering , her nipples were swollen and aching under her bra thankfully no one could see just how big they were because of the gel support bra's she wore to give her the shape she loved but they were very swollen and aching and she knew she was going to have to go to the bathroom before she left to change her panties again.

She wriggled again feeling the sticky wetness between the tops of her thighs and the tight band of the chastity belt, she'd had it on for 4 days now not continuously but except for when she showered morning and evening she had been locked into it and Daddy whilst he had been his usual affectionate kissing and hugging her had not allowed her to orgasm once in four days and now she was so aroused , so excited she thought she might orgasm just from thinking about it or from the touch on her oh so sensitive nipples of the fabric of her bra.

4:53 pm , she'd had enough and closed her PC down collected her things and headed for the bathroom intending to change into her last pair of clean dry panties and to use a panty liner as well as she had been doing the whole day , then her iphone pinged it was Daddy he was waiting for her wanted her home asap so she went straight home the 20 min journey in the car spent trying to concentrate and not rub her thighs together.

Daddy was waiting for her when she got home and he kissed her and held her in his arms for a long minute then he led her upstairs to their bedroom and told her to undress which she did folding her clothes up and putting them on the arm chair and then handing her wet panties to him.

He took them looked at the crotch smiled and laid them ontop of her blouse skirt and bra and then unclipped the key from his key ring , the key to her chastity belt , the key to release her , she could see the bulge of his errection in his suit trousers he was just as excited as she was and as far as she knew he hadn't cum in 4 days either unless of course he'd just pleasured himself but she dismissed that idea why would he when he could have had her suck him something she knew he loved as much as she did.

He kissed her mouth passionately and then sat on the edge of the bed and unlocked and slipped the chastity belt off dropping it to the floor relief flooded through baby girl as she felt the belt come off and then she felt his hand cupping her pussy and she gasped at the sensations and the wave of pleasure that rose up from his hand.

He squeezed and she moaned and when he pulled her down onto the bed she spread as wide as she could for him his mouth on her inner thighs kissing down to her knees and back up his hands stroking her belly and as his mouth neared her sopping wet sex he found her nipples with his fingers and tugged them gently.

He hips bucked as his tongue swept up and down her labia the jolts of pleasure bursting inside her and when he breathed on her swollen clit she orgasmed , the feeling tore though her and she screamed at the ceiling as his mouth sucked at her and her hands held his head her thighs spasmed and her hips flexed she groaned and panted and thought she was going to pass out.

But he moved up kissing and holding her stroking her face , he was naked now his knee between her thighs pulling her onto him and she squeezed it tight as they kissed and she could taste herself on his mouth mmmmmmm and as she squeezed she had a second and third orgasm slightly less intense than the first but she still cried out biting his shoulder and shaking arms holding him tight as she rode the waves of intense pleasure.

Later when he'd fucked her and then cum, they'd slept cuddled together she woke it was 2:00 am she went to the bathroom and when she came back she picked up the chastity belt and hung it next to her clothes for the following day picking the key from the lock and clipping it to his key ring.

She got back into bed covered herself with the sheet and pushed her bottom back into him, he sighed she felt his arm come around her her waist and his half hard cock rub her bottom and she smiled to herself and drifted off content that she was owned and cherished and cared for and wanted , his mind body and soul.

Monday, 5 September 2011


It had been something they had discussed and Daddy had said he might make her wear a chastity belt then one evening before bed he had put a plain box on the dresser and asked her to open it , she looked up and smiled at him and pulled the top of the box off and pulled back the white tissue paper to reveal a chastity belt in stainless steel and black leather, she felt a lump in her throat and her pulse raced as she thought OMG he's really going to make me wear this !! ?.

He was and he spent 15 mins fitting and adjusting it so that it fitted snugly without chaffing around her thighs and over her pussy then he fitted the lock and snapped it closed and she felt herself shiver would he ever let her out ? and what if the keys were lost ?.

He did let her out a few minutes later and they went to bed the chastity belt hanging by her clothes which he had chosen for her for the next day , she woke to Daddy's lips on her neck and his cock sinking into her pussy as he fucked her awake her pleasure rising rapidly as he held her tight by her hips and took her she always wondered how he managed to wake himself up to wake her this way which she adored and as she surfaced from sleep she felt his fingers on her nipples tugging and stroking and moaned loudly pushing back onto his cock which just made him move faster and her belly melted and the pleasure had her arching her back and crying out and she heard Daddy groan and cry as he came inside her.

They showered together and after drying and moisturising her he brought the chastity belt in and fitted it locking her in and telling her he would keep a key and the spare would be in the lock box in the wardrobe to which she did not have the combination, baby girl looked at herself in the mirror before getting dressed the belt was she had to admit quite snug and smooth and she smiled though she had a first been more than a little apprehensive now she actually loved the idea.

By the time she had got to work she had forgotten she was wearing it and it was only mid morning when she went to the bathroom that she remembered she had it on and then wondered how she had forgotten, she used the bathroom and dried herself and adjusted her panties and skirt then checked in the mirror and you could not see that she was now a chaste woman locked away and as she walked back to her office she smiled to herself and felt her clitoris tingle and wondered when Daddy would let her out.

Waiting ....

Baby girl was sitting chatting to her friends from work over tea she'd decided instead of going straight home to spend 30 mins having a cup of tea and chatting about the usual stuff work gossip whose husband was having an affair etc. Why didn't men do more around the home, why were they so useless, baby girl laughed with the rest of them but smiled to herself because of her Daddy.

She laughed again as one woman related how she had suggested to her husband that he return the favour after oral sex which he had enjoyed and he had laughed and gone to sleep , she laughed because the woman had the next evening given his dinner to the dog. But all the time baby girl was also thinking that could never happen to her , she had her Daddy.

She felt a tickle against her hip from her iphone and she slipped it out the screen coming alive with an alert 2 messages she felt her pulse race as she checked them both from Daddy the first told her he would be home late at 10:00 pm and that he wanted her to be waiting for him dressed as she currently was but no panties.

Then then second updated the time by 3 hours , he would be home at 7:00 pm instead of 10:00 pm she checked her watch it was already 6:00 pm she gulped her tea and  hurriedly said goodbye to her friends and grabed her bag and hurried to her car.

 Traffic was light and as she got home she heard the ping of another message and standing on the drive locking her car she looked another message , Daddy wanted her in the office skirt up panties round her knees bent over the side desk she sent a quick reply "Yes Daddy ".

She hurried in checking the house was tidy her eyes on her watch every few minutes and at 6:55 pm she walked into their home office which was really the spare bedroom converted into an office and walking over to the desk by the big french windows she lifted her skirt slipped her panties to her knees and lay belly down on the smooth wood of the side desk it was only then she realised that without the net curtains down you could see out over neighbouring gardens and therefore anyone in them could see in if they cared to look up and on this lovely summer evening the neighbour's were out in force enjoying the evening cool.

 She hated being exposed like this but at the same time there was a tingle in her nipples and that flip flop in her belly she rubbed and squeezed her thighs together and knew she was begining to get wet and then she heard the front door shut and knew he was home , he took his time coming up stairs, she knew he was checking to see if everything was as it should be and she mentally ran down a list in her mind but it was too late if there was anything then she was in trouble.

By the time she heard him coming up the stairs she was trembling and when he walked past the office door and into the bedroom they shared she stretched her thighs wider and arched her back head down cheek against the smooth cool wood she could only imagine the picture she presented to Daddy as he came into the office and she smiled to herself.

 He came in and greeted her and she looked up from her position and smiled and greeted him and he came over and caressed her bottom cheeks with his hands fondling and squeezing her , she sighed she loved his touch and then he leaned over kissed her neck by her ear and was gone back into the bedroom to change he kept her waiting for some 10 minutes as he put his suit away and came back dressed in jeans and a tee , he went to the french windows and opened them wide fixing them back the evening air and sounds of their neighbours flooded in and baby girl realised she was on show there was no way anyone looking up
 could miss her and then Daddy looked into her eyes and smiled and stroked her bare smooth cheeks up between her spread thighs cupping and giving her pussy a brief squeeze.

 She sighed unable to control her reactions to his touch wanting those fingers to return and tease her play with her ,she was wet now and her nipples pulsed her clitoris tingled as she waited when it came the first spank dead centre of her full large cheeks sounded so loud in her ears and as the sting faded she heard Daddy explain why she was being spanked

SMACKSSSSSSSS!!!! remember baby girl you are owned not a free woman !
SMACKSSSSSSSS!!!! remember you consented to this !
"Unnnnhh Yesss Daddy "


 This is a reminder to pay attention !!!!


Then he was spanking her bottom not with any force but enough to turn her cheeks a deep pinky red and to set it on fire and she knew anyone outside those windows could see and hear how could they not and she wriggled and squirmed but Daddy held her in place and spanked !.

 The when he finished he stroked and teased and caressed her burning cheeks and pushing her thighs wider stroked her now soaking pussy teasing her clit until she groaned and pushed back onto his fingers which were probing her , she bit her lip and her breathing became ragged , she could feel the pleasure build to a peak as he slipped three fingers inside her and probed his thumb on her clit rubbing and as she exploded suddenly her orgasm washing through her he kissed her cheek and whisperd in her ear

 "My baby girl " and she moaned back "Yes Daddy" 

Then he closed the french windows and pulled th net curtains across and slipping his jeans and boxers down sank his very stiff cock inside her and took her roughly over the desk top his hands holding her hips as she moaned and gasped and pushed back onto him and then he was moaning loudly and lunging inside her deep as he came hugging her to him his lips on her neck...........

Then it hit her that blinking red light wasn't the PC on standbye but the HD web cam he'd bought the week before and said he would test .....

For My baby girl ..... an average friday night ...