Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Rules for a babygirl

When she first agreed to become his babygirl the rules he set were difficult to keep not that there were long lists of do's and don'ts but more of a change in her whole life and a loss of control , ceded willingly to him her Daddy always made it very clear that this had to be something she wanted and consented to and she did because it made her feel so excited and she was so in love with her Daddy. So now Daddy decides

What she wears and when , including lingerie and shoes.
What make up and perfume
What jewellery and how she wears it
What her hair looks like and how long it is
If when and how she orgasms or has any sexual pleasure
When and how she is punished within the agreed limits
He consults but makes all other major decisions and leads
Who she is friends with
Where she goes and when
Her posture and language inside and outside the home
When she goes to bed and when she gets up

All of this she willingly agreed to because for the first time in her life she felt loved and cared for cherished , she also had never been so sexually satisfied and had heard about dripping for a man in anticipation but until now had never experienced it , with Daddy she dripped , to the extent she had to carry panty pads to avoid embarrassing moments when she was out. At home she was always bottomless except for during her period so it didn't matter and Daddy would tease her and cup and squeeze her pussy just to check how wet she was and if she wasn't he would make her wet.

She was owned , her Daddy owned her , she had consented and also consented to being marked as his and she was so very happy !

Washing her Hair

I love washing her hair it's so sensuous the feel of it in my hands and my fingers on her scalp and massaging the  shampoo in rinsing it then the conditioner, we wash it in the shower she faces away from me her back arched head back a lovely line from her perfect big bottom cheeks to the nape of her neck. I massage in the shampoo taking my time to work it into each strand and massage her scalp as I do it scooping her hair up into a mass and scrunching working the foam in.

Then the conditioner and several rinses in between and of course I kiss , caress and tease her but she stays in position until I finish washing her hair she needs encouragement from time to time and a slap to her soapy wet cheeks.

The end result of the process is her thick wet curly locks in my fingers beautifully conditioned and I just love the feel of her hair in my hands I always end up very aroused and and my babygirl is always very appreciative of my washing her hair.

Saturday, 9 March 2013


The tour of the Sphinx and Pyramids took most of the morning and by early afternoon all baby girl wanted to do was have a rest and a cup of tea she was hot and tired and the heat was still building she couldn't wait to get the tight jeans off she'd put on that morning off .

The coach dropped her and Daddy off at their Hotel and Daddy told her he was going to buy a paper and read it by the pool , babygirl had just got to their room and slipped out of her jeans and top when she got a txt

'Bring a tea and coffee and meet me in the bedouin tent room in 10 mins in your white bikini' , she read it a 2nd time as her belly flip flopped and her nipples stiffened , Daddy had bought her the bikini before they left on holiday and when she'd put it on she'd blushed and swore to herself she would never wear it in public it had gel support cups in the bra that gave her cleavage but the panties barely covered her bottom and after a few minutes of movement they rode up between her cheeks and covered nothing !.

However she did as she was told and slipped into her white bikini and then put one of Daddy's shirts on and buttoned it part way , it came to her upper thighs and covered her bottom , slipping into her sandals she left the room and headed for the cafe to buy the tea and coffee.

When she got to the Bedouin tent room Daddy was there reading his paper and she saw him glance up as she walked in through the entrance which was partially shaded by tent doors , she walked over to where he was sitting placing the tray with the tea and coffee on the table and then knelt by his feet eyes down and hands behind her back. She could feel herself dripping , her arousal was trickling down her inner thighs , her bikini thong was soaked and Daddy hadn't even touched her yet.

He reached for his coffee and met her eyes looking up and smiled then he told her to stand and take the shirt off which she did acutely concious of her now very swollen nipples and sticky inner thighs , she put her hands on her head and twirled on the spot for him as he watched and sipped his coffee then he put the cup down and patted his lap and after a moments hesitation she lay belly down settling herself over his knees hands on the carpeted floor.

She bit her lip as Daddy caressed her bottom pulling her bikini tight , she loved the way he caressed her , his touch , the squeeze and then the "SLAPPPPPPPPPPPP !!!!!!! of the first spank !!!! making her yelp and wriggle. She loved and hated being spanked , she knew she craved it found it so exciting and humiliating that she would often miss or forget things just so he would spank her or like now because he loved to.

Reaching down he slipped off one of her leather sandals and for the next 15 minutes slowly spanked her bottom and thighs concentrating on her lower cheeks , he didn't hit her very hard but it was enough to make her cheeks burn and to make her gasp and sigh and squirm the sound echoed around the room and she heard herself moan as he dropped the sandal and caressed her burning cheeks pushing her thighs wide his hand cupped and squeezed her soaking pussy thumb rubbing her tight anus pressing and circling his fingers finding her swollen clit and teasing it until she convulsed her orgasm bursting in her belly !.

Pulling her up and round he kissed her passionately his hand never leaving her pussy and she lay cradled on his lap until he whispered 'Now you may suck me ' and she slipped to the carpet and undoing his jeans kissed and sucked his cock until he filled her mouth and she gulped and moaned..........happy to be a babygirl !