Wednesday, 23 November 2011

What They Needed

The past couple of weeks had been absolutely manic , she hated work when it was like this and she'd also been unwell taking a couple of days off work which had put her further behind and Daddy had also been very busy at work and so they had been a bit like ships passing in the night snatching an hour here or there and sleeping but not much else and she felt like he was slipping from her , she just had this horrible feeling and she hated it.

It was friday and she came back early and tidied up the house starting in the kitchen and then the bathroom and bedroom and when she had finished she had a shower and wrapped herself in a dressing gown and slipped into a pair of full ruffle deep red panties , she loved the way she looked in them and she knew Daddy adored them.

Daddy mean while was on the long drive back from his last appointment he stopped for coffee and called baby girl and said he would be home around 11:00 pm she said ok and he listened to her as he sipped his coffee and  not once did she say "Yes Daddy " or "Daddy ?" at all and when she finished he simply said ok.

For the rest of the drive back he thought about this conversation and what was wrong with it and decided that it was him not her , he had allowed work and all the other problems to affect their relationship and to come between them. When he walked in through the front door he noticed how clean and tidy everywhere was , kitchen hall , living room and the office and then the bedroom and bathroom, he found her in the bed room reading a book sitting in a chair and when she saw him she jumped up and came ot him and hugged him and he squeezed her in his arms as they kissed his hand resting on her bottom and the ruffle panties.

He smiled as she slipped the dressing gown off and standing in just the ruffle panties she twirled for him on the spot and noticed his smile and then he was reaching for her arm and moving to sit on the bed , she pulled back not wanting to go over his lap but he dragged her across his lap and spanked her once hard across her bottom and then holding her with one arm he trapped her in place with a leg and then tugged her ruffle panties down uncovering her big bottom , she squirmed and whimpered but his hand coming down across her cheeks made her yelp and squirm and she cried Nooooooo !!!!!!!! as he spanked covering her cheeks and making them sting and burn and as he carried on she sobbed.

When he finished he kissed her burning cheeks tenderly and stroked her soothing them then he made her kneel head down bottom up knees wide on the bed and he went into the bathroom and returned with a bottle of cocoa butter lotion which he dribbled over her bottom cheeks and then massaged in he loved her bottom and thighs their shape their size listening to her soft whimpers as his fingers found her dripping wet sex and teased and stroked and she gasped and he loved the way she wriggled and moaned as he fingerd her her eyes staring at him.

Putting the bottle on the bedside drawers he unfastened his trousers and slid them off his desire now urgent , he was hard , very hard  and he moved up behind her stroking her bottom cheeks and teasing her slick sex with the tip of his cock before sinking into her , babygirl gasped and pushed back she was so aroused from the spanking and then his fingers and now with him inside her she was on the tip of a wave of pleaasure that was racing away and as he moved deeper inside her and more urgently , harder , now he was fucking her his hands on her hips she began to moan louder and louder her voice filling the room

'Unnhhhhh Daddy !!! Daddy !!! Daddy !!!!! YEsssssss Daddyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!! ' the last a scream as her orgasm hit her and he heard and responded to her snapping his hips and lunging until he exploded inside her and holding her tight to him he slowly collaped onto her , she felt his weight and sighed , she loved it , loved the way he lost control when he was inside her not every time but especially when he'd spanked her like now.

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