Monday, 7 November 2011

The Bed

She hated making the bed , there was no other word for it of all the domestic tasks she performed every day she really hated making the bed and would go out of her way to avoid doing it, well that was until she met her Daddy and now she had to make it every morning and it had to be just so in winter he wanted the duvet folded just right and smooth not crumpled or as he put it looking like the Alps !.

She had thought she had been doing pretty well but her belly flip flopped one saturday morning when after he'd come out of the shower she heard him holler

'BABYGIRL !!!!' and she heard him well half the street must have , with a heavy heart and trembling legs she went upstairs and found him with just a towel wrapped around his waist standing looking at her as she came into the room.

'Well ? ' he asked arms folded another danger sign with her Daddy

'Yes Daddy ' she replied

' How many times have I shown you how to make this bed ?'

'Several Daddy ' she replied her belly sinking faster than express car in an elevator shaft

' Yet you still can't seem to get it tight , can you babygirl ?'

'Well err... ' and she hung her head her chest heaving and pulse racing

'Well babygirl ?' the third time he'd said it , this was not good he really only used his name for her in that flat hard voice when he was angry , very angry.

'Yes Daddy ?' she looked up and met his eyes and he stared right through her and inspite herself she was aroused her nipples swollen and her pussy begining to melt, she had a navy blue tank top on and a denim skirt no panties of course and she looked down again as he walked to the chest of drawers and opened the top one where he kept some of her toys her vibe and dildo were under her pillow the rest in the top drawer including the seldom used wooden paddle with her name on the smooth rounded handle.

She groaned inwardly as she saw him take it out and started backing away , he looked at her and as he crossed the room to sit on the bed she knew she would go over his knee. He waved her to him she moved on trembling legs but she could not help it, and when he grabbed her hand and pulled her down over his lap and across the bed she cried out.

She wriggled and squirmed as he yanked up her skirt but it made no difference he easily held her tight with one arm and stroked her cheeks before rasing his arm and bringing the paddle down smartly across her cheeks , the pain and sting blazed through her , she yelped and struggled but knew she was going no where and that she had brought this on herself by not paying attention.

Daddy didn't paddle hard he didn't need too, the weight of the wooden paddle did the work and she was soon sobbing and kicking but he calmly carried on telling her this was to make sure she paid attention to making the bed and she pleaded for him to stop by stroke 7 and by 10 her bottom was afire burning and still he gave her two more then put the paddle down and told her to go and stand in the corner hands on her head skirt tucked up around her waist.

She stood facing the corner whilst she heard him getting dressed , the burning in her bottom easing a little then she felt him near his lips on her neck then her ear and she sighed

'Kneel for me babygirl 'he whispered and she knew what he wanted and she sank to her knees facing him her mouth an inch or so from the bulge in his jeans , she looked up and he smiled and she undid the button and unzipped them kissing the thick ridge of his errection through his cotton shorts then she pulled them down and kissed the tip of his cock savouring the taste and feel of him as she slowly sucked the tip using her tongue before slipping his foreskin back and taking him into her mouth to suck him.

10 minutes later with his cum in her mouth he pushed her back onto the bed and spreading her thighs as wide as they would go he licked and sucked and finger fucked her to several orgasms making her arch her back and scream at the ceiling a mix of intense pleasure from his mouth and fingers and the burning in her bottom cheeks. He hugged her for 20 mins or so laying on the now unmade bed before gently kisisng her mouth and whispering he had to go out and she should make the bed and wash up.

She heard him leave the house as she finished the washing up and smiling to herself wondered if Daddy realised the unmaking of the bed had been deliberate ... maybe he did maybe he didn't, but it had had the desired effect and she smiled.

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