Thursday, 27 October 2011

'Miss me then babygirl ?'

Sometimes and she knew he tried to keep it to the absolute minimum Daddy had to go away at the weekend on business or a business trip during the week would would run on longer than anticipated , this could not be helped and she knew that but it didn't make it any easier to bear.

She had her vibrators but she missed his voice , his scent , the way he kissed her and touched her, his prescence , the way he would unexpectedly take her or make her kneel so he could use her mouth , she opened her eyes to a sunny saturday morning her vibe was on the bedside chest of drawers within easy reach but she rolel dout of bed and went and showered and dressed in jeans and a baggy top over her matching bra and panties.

She heard her phone ring and dashed from the kitchen up the stairs to where she had left it on the unmade bed, it was Daddy , he was coming home today and would be back by 2:00 pm and before he rang off he told her to make it special and she smiled and felt her belly go flip flop and suddenly she was wet. This was their code for her to think of a scene he would like and and arrange herself so that when he walked through the door she was waiting for him.

She looked up at the clock 10:00 am she had a lot to do in four hours so she went back down to the kitchen and finished there then slowly went through the house checking everyhting was where it should be , Daddy had been gone 4 days and she tended to relax when he was away and allow some of her old habits to return but now she was making sure all was in it's place.

At 1:45 pm she took the photo and sent it no txt just the photo montage she had created and waited he replied within a minute a simple

'Mmmm and 5'  meaning he loved it and was 5 mins away

She smiled and turned the vibe up a little stroking it up and down her labia and over her clit until she felt like she would burst her nipples ached and she was almost there her thighs quivered and she wriggled in the chair she was seated in facing the bedroom door.

But held off the orgasm that was making her feel tight like a bow string until she heard the front door bang shut and his fee ton the stairs then she pressed the tip of the vibe inside her pussy and arched her back eyes closed mouth open,  the bedroom door opened and she orgasmed her cry bouncing off the walls as the waves of sensations washed through her 4 days of asbtinence over in a few seconds ... 

When she opened her eyes he was smiling down at her and leaning forward her kissed her

'Miss me then babygirl ?'

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