Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Baby girl was really very tired, she'd stopped at a Starbucks on the way home for tea to try and wake herself up but she could feel her eyes going as she drove thankfully now she was only a short distance from home and she knew Daddy was there because as ever he'd sent her a txt enquiring what time she would be back. She'd been out early to work and it was now a few mins to 9:00 pm and in the day she'd had one 20 min break it had been hectic non stop and she was beat.

She parked her truck and taking her bag opened the front door and although the outside light was on the inside lights were mostly off except for the kitchen light which lit up the short corridor to the living room, Daddy came down the stairs and hugged her tight kissing her and taking her bag from her, he locked the front door and took her jacket and hung it up then he took her hand and led her slowly upstairs , it had to be slowly because she literally had no energy at all.

The lights were off upstairs but there was a glow from the bathroom door and Daddy led her in and she stared the bath was surrounded on three sides by night light candles flickering in the slight breeze and the bath was full and in the water were red rose petals floating on the surface, Daddy hugged her again and kissed her and she kissed him back this was one very nice surprise after a long hard day.

He unzipped her dress and slipped it down so it fell in a circle of green around her feet and baby girl stepped out of it as Daddy undid her bra and with a kiss to her neck he pulled it free kissing her nipples as he did so and then down her belly and as his thumbs eased her panties down he kissed her smooth mound and she sighed.

She stepped into the water which had a lovely scent to it and sat slowly loving the feel of the heat and lay back her head resting on the folded hand towel Daddy had placed there then he pressed a button on a portable DVD player and soft music filled the room, he knelt by the bath and kissed her lips gently

"Now is my baby girl comfortable ?"
"Yes Daddy very comfortable, but why all this it isn't a special day is it Daddy ?" she asked wondering if she'd forgotten an anniversary or something.
"Yes it's always a special day with my baby girl and I know you've had a long day so I thought you needed some pampering" he replied
"Thank you Daddy" she said closing her yes and enjoying the water feeling the heat as he added some more hot water and then he disappeared out of the door returning some minutes later with an ice bucket which he set down on the floor by the bath and then disappearing again to return with a large tray and two glasses.

"Dinner is served" he announced and showed her the plate of pasta on the tray Ragu alla Napoletana which she loved, he poured a glass of chilled white wine a chardonay and she sat up reaching for the glass but Daddy waving her hands away held the glass to her lips and she sipped it was cold and delicious neither too sweet or too dry, over the next 20 minutes he fed her the pasta and in between a couple of glasses of wine not allowing her to do anything except eat drink and of course talk and she truly felt like a baby girl cared for loved and cherished.

Then he bathed her slowly washing every part of her as she lay enjoying the whole experience full of wine and pasta and when he was finished they kissed passionately until she broke for air her pulse thudding in her ears, he helped her out of the bath and dried her then naked he led her to the bedroom where he had lit candles and made her lay down on her belly on the sheet her head on a pillow, she felt so good all the cares of the day were gone she felt warm and sleepy.

Daddy went off and tidied up and came back and undressed and kissed her neck where she lay moving her hair aside and then he kissed her collar bone and shoulder and covered her back with butterfly kisses working down to her bottom which he kissed slowly and lovingly rolling her onto her side to kiss her belly and tease her belly button which made her wriggle.

 She stretched her arms as he rolled her gently onto her back and continued kissing down her belly to her thighs which he opened and kissed the insides working from knee to upper thigh not yet touching her pussy but getting nearer and nearer , then leaning up he looked at her face and grinned and held up her pink vibe he twisted the end and touched the tip to her clit hood and she moaned as she felt the vibrations.

She was already quite wet and the vibe just made her more so and he circled her clit and teased her labia with it using his tongue fingers and vibe to tease and finger her until she was panting and squirming thighs opening wide her hands holding his head as he kissed her clit and then he blew on it and kissed it flicking it with his tongue and she exploded now moaning loudly as he kissed her , she forgot how many times she orgasmed in the next 30 mins or so in fact she forgot any sense of time and it wasn't until much later that he finally slipped inside her and filled her gently moving in and out faster and faster until she was arching her back pressing against him and rushing to another orgasm as he had his and he hugged her tight in his arms.

When she woke next morning she felt rested and remembered the night before turning she found her Daddy fast asleep and she watched him breathing and felt a surge of emotion and pulled him to her cradling his head to her breasts.....counting her lucky stars all of them .... all the billions in the sky that they had met.....

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