Friday, 18 November 2011


The weekly grocery shop was something they did together always, Daddy drove and they had a list which they tried to keep to but sometimes odd items crept in she didn't know anyone who only ever came home with just what they went for. An hour later they were done and Daddy asked her to push the trolley out to the car whilst he went to find a new yard brush head, she nodded ok and left him just inside the entrance ot the store.

When she got back to the car she decided to put the shopping in the back whilst she waited for Daddy the back of the car was clear and she opened the tailgate and took the first bag out of the trolley and put it in trying to push it as far as she could leaning over and stretching out to push the bag in as far as she could as she did so she realised she was probably dispaying her panties and bottom off to anyone passing as she could feel her skirt had ridden up.

It wasn't that it was partcularly short mid thigh , pleated tartan but with her bottom skirts just did that but that was part of what Daddy loved about her , she got the next bag in ok and then had just put the third bag down when she heard her Daddy talking to someone and she looked up and back over her shoulder and saw him chatting to a guy then she heard him say bye and next thing he was behind her holding her hips.

She glanced back and saw him smiling that grin he had when she was about to do or say something totally ourageous , she almost unconciously wriggled her hips and pressed her bottom back into him one hand slid from her hip to her thigh then between her thigh and she gasped as his hand cupped her sex and squeezed her.

She stayed still bent over from the waist head and shoulders down inside the car tailgate up as Daddy's fingers stroked her through her panties , she groaned as he teased her clitoris and pressed one then two fingers inside her as her heart hammered in her chest from the wave of pleasure rising up within her and the knowledge they were in the middle of the store car park.

He pulled her up and kissed her passionately as he teased her through her panties and she groaned loudly she was wet now dripping wet which surprised her as they'd made love this morning not 2 hours ago and here she was wanting him again , he whisperd in her ear one word 'display', she gasped but turned and bending over did as he said lifting her skirt up around her waist and slipping her panties down she arched her back feet shuffling wide apart she displayed for him offering her Daddy her bottom and sex.

She bit her bottom lip and moaned as she felt the tip of his cock sinking inside her his hand grabbing and holding her pony tail, her mouth wide as he thrust inside her and moved hard and fast taking her she panted her pleasure all thoughts of where they were forgotton as he plunged into her harder and deeper the contrast between this morning's slowly loving and now was absolute. This was her Daddy just using her for his pleasure and she was trembling and shaking as her 4th orgasm of the day tore through her and she felt him lunge wildly holding her tight by the hips as he followed her and she cried out 'Daddy '.

To her amzement no one else on the store car park seemed to be taking a blind bit of notice of them and when she stood up and took the final bag from Daddy she smiled and he grinned and kissed her lips , on the way home she took his right hand and  placed it down her panties on her sticky wet mound and he squeezed her and she gasped and sighed ' Yours Daddy '.

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