Sunday, 15 April 2012


Occasionally she wakes in the middle of the night and listens to the noises of the house and those seeping in from outside , she sometimes watches him asleep if he is on his side facing her which he usually is , if she rolls over she can watch and kiss him on the forehead as he sleeps.

To provoke a response from her sleeping Daddy she shuffles down under the duvet or if it's summer the sheet and kisses and licks his sex until he swells which is quickly , this always amazes her how he becomes errect at the touch of her mouth and she sucks him gently fondling him until he is fully errect then she shuffles back up the bed and kisses him and then stroking his cock with both hands she teases him until he is half awake at which point she rolls over onto her side and pushes back rubbing her bottom against him as he wakes and pulls her to him his lips at her neck.

She plays at being asleep not because she wants to tease him or put him off but because she knows it will have precisely the opposite effect , she bites her lip and sighs as she feels his hand cup her smooth sex fingers rubbing and pressing between her labia , she's wet of course and now he squeezes her hard making her moan.

Awake he leans over and kisses her neck and still she feigns sleep as he pushes her thighs up to her chest and his fingers tease her clit , she feels his cock brush her cheeks and then he is pressing inside her taking her deeply sinking all the way inside her he fucks her.

His lips on her neck as she squirms and moans eyes closed mouth open his cock deep inside her just fucking her harder and deeper and faster until the waves of her orgasm reach up through her belly making her heart flutter and her head swim as she explodes and then she hears him groan and snap his hips and he cums sinking down behind her still inside of her joined to her he wraps an arm around her holding her tightly to him his face in her hair and she sighs squirming and squeezing him as he falls asleep and she feels herself drifting off.

Waking Daddy in the middle of the night can be very very pleasurable , even if sometimes it gets her a spanking !