Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Party

The invite came from one of her colleagues at work to a dinner party and they went and she had a really good time and Daddy seemed to be getting on quite well with her work colleagues having a very animated conversation with on of the departmental heads from marketing a slim older woman in a very dressy low cut gown. He caught her eye and she smiled and he smiled back and a few minutes later he came to her and kissed her neck and then whispered

' Baby girl I want you ' , she blushed and kissed him back and nodded placing her drink on a table she took his hand and led him towards the back of the house away from the chatter and music of the party , they passed 3 or 4 closed doors and then he stopped and opened a door into a dark room and grabbing her by the nape of her neck he pushed her inside the dark room , it was very dark the vague shapes of furniture just visible from light leaking in from outside from under drapes.

He kissed her hard his mouth on hers his hands tugging up her tight pencil skirt around her upper thighs , hands stroking teasing and then slapping her bottom cheeks as he pulled her towards and dark mass that turned out to be a leather sofa he pushed her down over the roll arm the scent of leather in her nose as her skirt was pushed up and he slapped her thighs open , she yelped and groaned but she was wet , soaking wet she wanted him as badly as it seemed he wanted her.

His fingers played between her thighs teasing her labia open , finding her hot wetness her swollen clitoris which was slick with her excitement , then the blunt tip of his super hard cock was pressing inside her she gasped and squirmed and he slapped her bottom cheeks hard thrusting deeper forcing himself inside her his hand on her neck holding her down as he spanked her cheeks making her yelp and wriggle as he took her.

She panted as he fucked her the pleasure surging up from between her thighs her nipples swollen thick and hard aching and pulsing her mouth open eyes closed this was why she loved him , sometime he just took her  no foreplay as such he just fucked her, she was just there for him, as her first orgasm hit her voice rose higher and higher until she was keening and his grunts mingled with her whimpers.

When they returned to the party she saw her hostess smile and look and later when they were living she whispered in her ear ' Did you enjoy our sofa ?'

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