Monday, 5 September 2011

Waiting ....

Baby girl was sitting chatting to her friends from work over tea she'd decided instead of going straight home to spend 30 mins having a cup of tea and chatting about the usual stuff work gossip whose husband was having an affair etc. Why didn't men do more around the home, why were they so useless, baby girl laughed with the rest of them but smiled to herself because of her Daddy.

She laughed again as one woman related how she had suggested to her husband that he return the favour after oral sex which he had enjoyed and he had laughed and gone to sleep , she laughed because the woman had the next evening given his dinner to the dog. But all the time baby girl was also thinking that could never happen to her , she had her Daddy.

She felt a tickle against her hip from her iphone and she slipped it out the screen coming alive with an alert 2 messages she felt her pulse race as she checked them both from Daddy the first told her he would be home late at 10:00 pm and that he wanted her to be waiting for him dressed as she currently was but no panties.

Then then second updated the time by 3 hours , he would be home at 7:00 pm instead of 10:00 pm she checked her watch it was already 6:00 pm she gulped her tea and  hurriedly said goodbye to her friends and grabed her bag and hurried to her car.

 Traffic was light and as she got home she heard the ping of another message and standing on the drive locking her car she looked another message , Daddy wanted her in the office skirt up panties round her knees bent over the side desk she sent a quick reply "Yes Daddy ".

She hurried in checking the house was tidy her eyes on her watch every few minutes and at 6:55 pm she walked into their home office which was really the spare bedroom converted into an office and walking over to the desk by the big french windows she lifted her skirt slipped her panties to her knees and lay belly down on the smooth wood of the side desk it was only then she realised that without the net curtains down you could see out over neighbouring gardens and therefore anyone in them could see in if they cared to look up and on this lovely summer evening the neighbour's were out in force enjoying the evening cool.

 She hated being exposed like this but at the same time there was a tingle in her nipples and that flip flop in her belly she rubbed and squeezed her thighs together and knew she was begining to get wet and then she heard the front door shut and knew he was home , he took his time coming up stairs, she knew he was checking to see if everything was as it should be and she mentally ran down a list in her mind but it was too late if there was anything then she was in trouble.

By the time she heard him coming up the stairs she was trembling and when he walked past the office door and into the bedroom they shared she stretched her thighs wider and arched her back head down cheek against the smooth cool wood she could only imagine the picture she presented to Daddy as he came into the office and she smiled to herself.

 He came in and greeted her and she looked up from her position and smiled and greeted him and he came over and caressed her bottom cheeks with his hands fondling and squeezing her , she sighed she loved his touch and then he leaned over kissed her neck by her ear and was gone back into the bedroom to change he kept her waiting for some 10 minutes as he put his suit away and came back dressed in jeans and a tee , he went to the french windows and opened them wide fixing them back the evening air and sounds of their neighbours flooded in and baby girl realised she was on show there was no way anyone looking up
 could miss her and then Daddy looked into her eyes and smiled and stroked her bare smooth cheeks up between her spread thighs cupping and giving her pussy a brief squeeze.

 She sighed unable to control her reactions to his touch wanting those fingers to return and tease her play with her ,she was wet now and her nipples pulsed her clitoris tingled as she waited when it came the first spank dead centre of her full large cheeks sounded so loud in her ears and as the sting faded she heard Daddy explain why she was being spanked

SMACKSSSSSSSS!!!! remember baby girl you are owned not a free woman !
SMACKSSSSSSSS!!!! remember you consented to this !
"Unnnnhh Yesss Daddy "


 This is a reminder to pay attention !!!!


Then he was spanking her bottom not with any force but enough to turn her cheeks a deep pinky red and to set it on fire and she knew anyone outside those windows could see and hear how could they not and she wriggled and squirmed but Daddy held her in place and spanked !.

 The when he finished he stroked and teased and caressed her burning cheeks and pushing her thighs wider stroked her now soaking pussy teasing her clit until she groaned and pushed back onto his fingers which were probing her , she bit her lip and her breathing became ragged , she could feel the pleasure build to a peak as he slipped three fingers inside her and probed his thumb on her clit rubbing and as she exploded suddenly her orgasm washing through her he kissed her cheek and whisperd in her ear

 "My baby girl " and she moaned back "Yes Daddy" 

Then he closed the french windows and pulled th net curtains across and slipping his jeans and boxers down sank his very stiff cock inside her and took her roughly over the desk top his hands holding her hips as she moaned and gasped and pushed back onto him and then he was moaning loudly and lunging inside her deep as he came hugging her to him his lips on her neck...........

Then it hit her that blinking red light wasn't the PC on standbye but the HD web cam he'd bought the week before and said he would test .....

For My baby girl ..... an average friday night ...

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