Wednesday, 19 October 2011


She hated washing up, it was one of those house hold jobs she absolutely hated but of course it had to be done and Daddy had made sure she did it and her solution of the past had been long since consigned to the re cycle bin.

So here she stood at the sink her hands in washing up gloves doing the dishes , she could hear the TV on in the living room and presumed Daddy was in there watching the news so when she felt lips at her neck she was surprised and when his hands slid around her waist she sighed and he continued to nibble her neck and slid one hand down the front of her jeans and panties , they were quite tight jeans so he had to undo the button and zip but he managed that ok and cupped her smooth mound and she closed her eyes and gasped.

The she felt something smooth and round on her belly and opened her eyes to look down and saw the tip of her vibrator being pushed down under her panties between her thighs so that the tip was pressed against her clit hood , then Daddy zipped up her jeans and buttoned them leaving the vibe in place and the top sticking up around her belly button.

The on off control was on the end and he twisted it to turn it on the buzzing starting and the sensations teasing her already engorged clitoris making it swell and ache and she bit her lip and gasped as he twisted the control and the buzzing increased the pleasure rippling up into her belly her making her nipples throb.

'Now if you manage to do all the washing up before you orgasm Daddy will let you always do the washing up like this ' he whisperd in her ear

She turned to look at him his face inches from hers

'If not Daddy ?' she asked knowing the answer as the words left her mouth

In response he slapped her bottom once dead centre stinging her cheeks through her jeans and she smiled and he kissed her and walked away leaving her to her washing up !.

She manged to just finish before she had her first orgasm which buckled her knees and had her groaning and panting , she managed to get to he living room before her second hit and after that one she knelt and opened Daddys jeans and had his cock in her mouth as her third surged through her..... she looked up at him and met his eyes watching her and smiled her mouth full of him and thanked her stars her gods whatever for the day he'd found her.

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