Sunday, 24 July 2011


I'm the very proud owner and Daddy Dom to my submissive baby girl as of yesterday the 23rd July 2011.

Baby girl accepted my offer after many days and hours of  discussion about what she was seeking and what she desired and how that fitted with what I was seeking and it came to us both I think gradually that we had stumbled , fallen upon, each in our own way the one we had been searching for.

I thought about this and making an offer so soon after meeting and yes it is very soon after we have met however for us this is right, and so I made her an offer and we set out and agreed rules and hard limits and now I am the very proud owner of my submissive baby girl, she belongs to me, I am her Daddy Dom. We discussed the question of a symbol for her status that would remind her and also be visible as she went about her daily life and I have chosen for her and she now wears a silver bracelet with two hearts on it, one has my initials and the other her name "baby girl".

We are very happy now and confident we will be in the future a confidence born of many many hours of chat and talking and e mails and a set of interests and desires not just in D/s but in every aspect of life that is so close a match it's spooky somethimes.

So she belongs to me, mind body and soul and I to her, and we belong together.

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