Monday, 26 September 2011

The Telephone rings

Baby girl heard her phone ringing and dashed naked from the bathroom scooping it up off the bed and thumbing the answer icon hoping it was , and yes it was she laughed and smiled and quickly sat on the bed laying back as she heard his voice and nothing else mattered her Daddy was on the phone.

He asked where she was and how she was dressed and she heard his breathing change when she told him naked and laying on the bed on her back , she surprised herself with her answers , yes she was naked , yes she had just finished showering , unnh yes she was smooth and as she said this her hand cupped her smooth mound and labia almost automatically before he had a chance to tell her to do so and so when he did she smiled to herself and closed her eyes enjoying the moment.

She felt her clitoris swell as he asked if she was wet and she bit her bottom lip hesitated and replied , ' Ummhh yes Daddy ' , and then she heard the tone of his voice change as he told her to take her vibrator from under her pillow and turn it on which she did and she held it buzzing in her hand and took a few moments to slip the blue tooth headset on so she could talk and listen and use both hands.

As he whispered in her ear she teased and toyed with her nipples stroking the tip of the vibe around and across until they were hard swollen points and ached as much as her now very aroused clitroris did and she was definetly wet now , very wet , soaking dripping wet and in a pause she told him she was , "Daddy I'm wet for you , dripping wet Daddy ! "

She heard the catch in his voice and sighed and knew he was as aroused as she was and she guided the vibe down over her belly and along each of her thighs from knee to hip until she was squirming and moaning thighs spread as wide as she could the tip of the vibe now poised above her mound

"Daddy !!!!! pleaseeeeeeee " she panted into the mic and there was a pause and then she heard the words she loved

" Now tease that swollen clitoris for Daddy my baby girl and I want to hear you cum for Daddy " , and she did and her world seemed to dissolve into her rapid breathy panting and the buzzing of her vibe over her swollen aching clitoris.

The sparks of sensation were almost constant as she rode the beginings of the waves that swept through her and thundered , the voice in her ear urged her on and she heard now her own voice keening high and clear her hips flexing and jerking as she peaked and was thrown off the edge into the abyss of her first orgasm.

As she wriggled and moaned and gasped the vibe on her clitoris drove her from one peak to another until she collapsed onto the bed crying and shaking from the sheer pleasure the vibe trapped between her thighs buzzing away and her Daddy's voice in her ears whispering his love and devotion confirming her place as his baby girl..... from oh so far away and she longed for the day he would touch her with his lips for real....

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