Wednesday, 13 July 2011

What I LOVE ! about my submissive baby girl

What do I love about my submissive baby girl ?

Well the list would run to several pages , google would grind to a halt trying to retrive all the data  , really yes it would and even then there would be something remaining that I had not listed or described because I simply do not have the words too describe what it is... I love about my submissive girl.

Well I'll give a flavour , she is intelligent , she has a glorious sense of humour, she is thoughtful, imaginative, she is in my view quite the most beautiful woman I have ever met , I love her submission to me, her need, her desires, her giggle, her laugh, her voice, the way when she days "Daddy" her voice dips unconciously it sends shivers through me to hear her say that, I love all of her  she is the closest person to me in this world my soul, my submissive baby girl !.

Let the cynics laugh, let the sceptics point out the pitfalls, the dangers, let them smile knowingly because I know when I look into those eyes and she whispers to me "Yes Daddy"  that she is the one I have searched for in vain for a long long time, we are happy. Those of you who have found their one will know what I describe , the unalloyed joy of finding that one person who was meant for you.

If you want to get a hint as to what I mean read her blog and enjoy send her comments etc she will reply having asked me if she may which is as it should be between us, it's as we wish it.

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  1. Daddy, you flatter me!

    I am amazed at the fact that you seem to be attracted to the person inside the pretty wrapper. I love that you like all of the quirky things about me and that you like that I happen to have a brain. That doesn't intimidate you or put you off because you are inherently confidence in your dominance.

    We have an amazing connection and I seemed to have stumbled into what can only be called an embarrassment of riches.

    I am one hell of a lucky girl.Thank you for finding me, Daddy!