Sunday, 10 July 2011

A start

It's not easy to start again , to trust to expose yourself to the vagaries of life especially on a personal basis and especially in a world that sometimes reacts badly to difference to anyhting deemed outside of the norm. But a few weeks ago I decided I would and opened an account on and posted a profile , edited it over a few days until I was happy with it and had a look around. Well all human life is there a reflection of the rest of our world and I met up with some nice people enjoyed a few intelligent chats and exchanged messages with quite a few people mostly as a result of me reading profiles and sending messages.

If you don't ask you don't get , and if you don't try it won't happen, I did with one partuclar profile BellaLuna11 the single question was "Daddy?..." and that got my attention not sure why there was something about it and the profile pic that intrigued so I sent a one or two liner message after reading her profile, I wanted to know more , there was something that came across to me that whisperd interesting a person, instead of a meaningless wish list taken from a BDSM porn site.(Not specific to any one person)

Over the next couple of days we chatted for hours though I didn't partuclarly notice and I found out more, the more I found out about her the more I liked, we discussed her profile, her needs, desires and what brought her to the site and what she was missing from her life.

Before any more photos there was the beginings of a conection , there was that spark of an attraction to a peronality this was a mind I liked ! not a wannabe not a timewaster an online ghost but a real woman wanting needing control and stability and limits and to be cared for.

Now there is a very definite connection and she blogs here you may be reading her blogs.


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  2. Daddy,

    This makes me smile like a school girl every time I read it. I, too, feel that we have made a definite connection and I anxiously look forward to making the connection real, physical and permanent.

    I'm glad you found me.