Friday, 15 July 2011

Seven Days on

Seven days on from an initial message on and a snappy few messages then a chat on the site and then we moved to yahoo messenger for ease of use and a weekend lost in chatting by IM exchanging e mails photos more IM and now 3 days of not just e contact throughout the day but speaking and last night IM with cam video we have communicated more than a lot of couples have over this past week.

The chances on finding someone so compatible as I have must be long odd, then  factor in ok so you have found someone but are they real or a figment of imagination ( yes my submissive bay girl is real) and even now the way we are connecting is just so good it's un nerving and we keep coming across similarities in terms of style , clothes ideas, food, interests and of course the icing on the cake sex.

Will we still be together in a week yes, will I still feel the same way about her , yes, will we be together in a year yes, will we marry , yes, are we happy yes, this is a once in a lifetime event a game changer , deal breaker and  I am not letting her get away (not that she would want to ). So if you ar  out there and wondering will I ever find that one special person in this whole wide world , the answer is yes I did and if I did so can you .

1 comment:

  1. Daddy,

    You make me feel valued, cared for, cherished, respected, adored and controlled. I can discuss anything without but yours remains the deciding voice. You have this amazing combination of dominance and romance that fits me perfectly.

    We have spent so much time communicating and building upon our amazing connection that I feel as if I have known you for years.

    I am happy, happily yours, and happy that I can stop searching for my forever Daddy!