Sunday, 17 July 2011


I've been thinking about the events of the past week and also about my submissive baby girl , I call her baby girl but she is submissive as she makes clear in her blog which is posted on this site and is in my view highly readable (but then I would say that).

So has the euphoria worn off , yes and no, do I still get the shivers when she whispers "Yes Daddy" yes I do but I am no longer as totally stunned as I was earlier in the week trying to make out if this was a sophisticated deception or real. Lucky for me it's real !.

This has been replaced by a deeper sense of connection , we IM , e mail and speak every day, in fact if you mapped a time line for our contact across any of the past 8 days you would see it develop and from Tuesday of this week on there would be phone calls as well. This sense of connection is intense and deepening with each day as we learn more about each other and I come to appreciate the unique and beautiful person I have been so lucky to meet.

The true test I is not when you are with the person but away from them , because there is a 5 hour time difference there is a period when either one of us is asleep and then we are separated by the time and the distance and then you have a chance to reflect and upon reflection ask yourself the question how do I feel ?.

Now thats easy, I miss her ......

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  1. Daddy,

    You somehow manage to make the distance seems not quite as daunting. You manage to keep the connection as strong as ever.

    How did a girl like me manage to come away with the best Daddy EVER?