Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My submisisve baby girl

A week is often said to be a long time in politics but it's nothing to 6 days in life when you meet someone you connect with and find as you chat you have so much in common with , you agree so much with, their personality comes through across the space between you leaping off the screen at you. So at first you are sceptical then the realisation grows as you chat exchange ideas , routine stuff, likes dislikes , hard limits etc it all cascades like a roller coaster.

Well it's happened to me and I never saw it coming what started off as a simple message on CM to Daddy ??? has in 6 short days brought me together with my baby girl, my submissive baby girl as she is more widely know through her blog. Thing is I'm not 19 , I'm world weary and cynical , cautious by nature , and with a healthy degree of cynicism but she is even better than I dared hope , I was looking for a submissive woman with personality , a soul match, not a shadow or just an online ghost but someone who is serious and who I could make that mental connection with first.

I've found her , yes I hear the cries thundering across the net " no fool like an old fool" but better to take a chance as we all do when meeting someone at a social event , a bar or wherever we do than to be alone aloof , cold and right , yes no one can get to me thats because your heart is dead there is no you to get to.

The whole of life is a risk , will there be problems yes, will there be tears yes when I spank her when she needs it , but really yes there is a risk but you have to decide that for yourselves not remain locked away in your profile a pale imitation of life , look at what makes us human and go on risk it.

We are happy and I'm sure my baby girl will say if she is not, she's no shrinking shadow , no cypher, she's real, witty , bratty, talented, intelligent, cultured, sophisicated, DDG ( drop dead gorgeous) a woman who has given me the greatest gift any submissive can, her submission, and I will care for her , decide for her, cherish, nuture and love her.

Who knows if it will last we will do all we can to make it last, how long do relationships last founded on a few drunken or drugged encounters ? some years some just as long as it takes to come round ! We are happy if you are not then go and seek your "One" I have found mine .....

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  1. Once again Daddy, this has me blushing like a school girl. You are right, we do seem to have an amazing connection.

    I seemed to have come across someone who has the perfect mix of dominance and romance. From the start, I hoped to find someone who was dominant by nature, but who also was genuinely interested in pleasing as well as being pleased.

    I am so glad you found me, Daddy.