Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Washing her Hair

I love washing her hair it's so sensuous the feel of it in my hands and my fingers on her scalp and massaging the  shampoo in rinsing it then the conditioner, we wash it in the shower she faces away from me her back arched head back a lovely line from her perfect big bottom cheeks to the nape of her neck. I massage in the shampoo taking my time to work it into each strand and massage her scalp as I do it scooping her hair up into a mass and scrunching working the foam in.

Then the conditioner and several rinses in between and of course I kiss , caress and tease her but she stays in position until I finish washing her hair she needs encouragement from time to time and a slap to her soapy wet cheeks.

The end result of the process is her thick wet curly locks in my fingers beautifully conditioned and I just love the feel of her hair in my hands I always end up very aroused and and my babygirl is always very appreciative of my washing her hair.

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