Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Rules for a babygirl

When she first agreed to become his babygirl the rules he set were difficult to keep not that there were long lists of do's and don'ts but more of a change in her whole life and a loss of control , ceded willingly to him her Daddy always made it very clear that this had to be something she wanted and consented to and she did because it made her feel so excited and she was so in love with her Daddy. So now Daddy decides

What she wears and when , including lingerie and shoes.
What make up and perfume
What jewellery and how she wears it
What her hair looks like and how long it is
If when and how she orgasms or has any sexual pleasure
When and how she is punished within the agreed limits
He consults but makes all other major decisions and leads
Who she is friends with
Where she goes and when
Her posture and language inside and outside the home
When she goes to bed and when she gets up

All of this she willingly agreed to because for the first time in her life she felt loved and cared for cherished , she also had never been so sexually satisfied and had heard about dripping for a man in anticipation but until now had never experienced it , with Daddy she dripped , to the extent she had to carry panty pads to avoid embarrassing moments when she was out. At home she was always bottomless except for during her period so it didn't matter and Daddy would tease her and cup and squeeze her pussy just to check how wet she was and if she wasn't he would make her wet.

She was owned , her Daddy owned her , she had consented and also consented to being marked as his and she was so very happy !

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