Saturday, 26 October 2013

Coming Home

Baby girl was caught in the evening rush hour and the tail back from some road works up ahead she'd had a very busy challenging day a long meeting about a project that she was managing where she had really had to be very tough with some of the people who had just not delivered on the work, it was difficult sometimes to get people to concentrate on the details and also to realise that it had to be done on time as there was a lot riding on making the deadlines.

She parked her car in the drive way behind Daddy's it was 6:45 pm she slipped on her suit jacket looking every inch the corporate middle manager she was and grabbed her laptop bag off the back seat of her car she rather liked her dark double breasted suit jacket with it's pencil skirt just above the knee stylish yet modest. Once inside her front door she put her laptop bag away in the hall cupboard and took her suit jacket off putting it on the hanger on the hall stand then she unzipped her skirt and wriggled it down and off over her feet having stepped out of her heels. In her stocking feet and carrying her suit on it's hanger and her heels she went upstairs where she found Daddy in their home office and she kissed him before going into their bedroom to put her suit away and then her shirt in the dry cleaning and her stockings and suspender belt in the laundry.

She slipped on a short white cotton sleeveless vest over her bra and checked herself in the mirror all she had on was her panties a bra and now the vest this was the most she was ever permitted to wear at home and Daddy was only allowing her to wear the panties because they were ruffle panties and he particularly loved the way they looked on her bottom. Until she met her Daddy clothes had always been about how to hide her bottom , how to make it stick out less , how to find clothes that fit. Now she knew it was what he adored about her , her curve.

She walked back into the office and knelt by Daddy her eyes down hands behind her back her pulse racing her nipples were stiff and aching and she could feel she was wet and Daddy hadn't even touched her , she felt a hand on her head and then Daddy lifted her chin and kissed her slowly smiling and then slipped her slim silver collar around her neck , she shivered as she felt him click it close because every time she came home she longed for this the outward symbol of her status , she was owned body and soul by her Daddy.

She stood and asked if there was anything he wanted and he took a small wrapped box from his brief case and held it out to her , she took it and unwrapped it and inside found a slender chrome chain with two clamps on a short Y of chain at one end at the other end was a leather loop. Daddy took it out of the box and patted the desk telling her to slip her panties down and sit on the edge which she did thighs spread wide exposing her shaven sex and pouting sticky labia , Daddy opened both clamps and then fitted one over each of her labia tightening the screw enough to ensure they would not slip off to test them he tugged the chain and she felt the pull and gasped as her labia were stretched out and Daddy tugged a little harder making her moan then he handed her the chain and told her to pull her panties up which she did slowly slipping off the edge of the desk and standing.

He asked her for coffee and wrapping the leash and chain around her hips tucking it so it did not fall she went down to the kitchen to make coffee , when she returned Daddy was reading some papers and he looke dup and smiled as she came into the office and knelt and keeping her eyes on his she offered him the coffee he took it and kissed her lips finger tips of one hand brushing her nipples making her shiver. As she knelt there she could feel herself drip , she knew her panties were soaked , the tops of her thighs were wet , sticky with her arousal and with the ache from the clamps on her labia he clit was swollen pulsing.

He sipped his coffee nodded and then tugging the leather look of the leash free he wrapped around his hand until it was taut and pulling at her she bit her lip and sighed her thighs stretching wider pushing her mound forward , as he read and sipped his coffee he tightened the leash tugging it gently then releasing it the sensation stoked the fire between her thighs and she began to gasp each time he tugegd.

He looked up from the papers and putting them down with his cup on the desk he undid his belt and trousers exposing the swollen head of his cock , she licked her lips and stared unable to look away and leaned in to kiss his sex tasting him and listening to his sigh as she sucked his hands stroking her neck her hair.

All the cares the rush of the day melted away in this moment there was just her and her Daddy , she was where she wanted to be on her knees pleasuring him there was nothing but the taste and feel of him in her mouth his hands stroking her neck the tug of the labia clamps her clit burning aching.

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